Info about Dallas County Jail (Lew Sterrett)

Texas Jail Project volunteers try to keep this list up to date, but Dallas County Jail can change numbers or information at any time. Please let us know of any number that doesn’t get you what you need or any new number to add here. Thanks to volunteer researcher Sue Ann Lorig for checking over these numbers.

1. Click on this form for Dallas County Jail to see if your loved one is in the jail.

2. For other info: the Sheriff’s department main number is 214 761-9025.

  • You will get these menu options when you call, so put in the number you need:

    •  Information on Texas Victim Information and Notification Everyday System (9)

    • Information on whether a Person is in Jail or the Status of an Offender (2)

    • New Offender Processing (3)

    • Bonds and Warrants (4)

    • Jail Locations (5)

    • Offender Procedures & Privileges (6)

    • Court Dates (7)

    • Cash Bond Refunds (8)

    • Remain on the line for operator assistance

If you keep trying, you should be able to speak to a real person. If you can’t, try the Deputy Sheriff’s office or the Jail Commander’s office. Explain that you couldn’t get  the info you needed & say please. ALWAYS be polite no matter how worried or upset you are!
WEBSITES: There are more than than one website, but the ones with the most information are below.  Put your cursor over the section you need and CLICK on it. Be sure to scroll down on the page; several have info you can’t see until you scroll down.
  • Executive Chief Jesse Flores (second in command to the Sheriff): (214)-653-2901

  • Jail Commander: (214) 653-2601

  • For Medical Records: Tina Hill (214) 875-2517 (Ms.Hill confirmed on June 15, 2012, that she’s the official to be contacted for release of inmate medical records.)

—————————————————————————————————————– LOCAL GOVERNMENT (numbers and names of officials below may have changed)

  • Dallas County Director of Criminal Justice Ron Stretcher OFFICE: 469-385-1720 (In June 2012, Mr. Stretcher confirmed that he is the one to contact with any concerns regarding conditions in DCJ after you have tried to talk with the unit officers. You may only get his voice mail).
  • Laura Hines One of two deputies to the Sheriff Technical Services Bureau Dallas County Sheriff’s Department OFFICE: 214-234-1498 OFFICE: 214-653-2603 Email Id: (She is responsible for inmates getting their meds regularly & on time, and she handles problems related to that.)
  • Sheriff Lupe Valdez Dallas County Frank Crowly Courts Bldg. 133 N. Industrial Blvd. LB31, 1st Fl. Dallas TX 75207-4313 office: 214 653-03450 FAX: 214-653-3420 E-MAIL: (address e-mail for Sheriff to executive assistant, Cozuella Hill)
  • District Attorney Craig Watkins Frank Crowley Courts Building 133 N Industrial Blvd, LB 19 Dallas, Texas 75207-4399 OFFICE: 214-653-3600 FAX: 214-653-5774
  • Ms. Maurine Dickey Dallas County Commissioner District 1 2311 Joe Field Rd. Dallas, TX 75229 OFFICE: 972-247-1735 FAX: 972-406-0615 E-MAIL:
  • Mr. Mike Cantrell Dallas County Commissioner District 2 411 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75202 OFFICE: 214-653-7361, 972.240.1740 FAX: 972.240.1749 E-MAIL:
  • Mr. John Wiley Price Dallas County Commissioner District 3 AND Chairman of the Commissioners’ Jail Population Committee 1506 E. Langdon Rd. Dallas, TX 75216 OFFICE: 214-653-6671 FAX: 214-653-7057 E-MAIL:
  • Mr. Kenneth A. Mayfield Dallas County Commissioner District 4 411 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75202 OFFICE: 214-653-6670, 214-339-8381 HOME: 972-291-4413 FAX: 214-653-7057 E-MAIL:
  • The Honorable Jim Foster Presiding Officer Dallas County Commissioners Court 411 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75202 OFFICE: 214-653-7361 FAX: 214-653-7057 E-MAIL:
  • Shay W. Cathey Executive Assistant to Dallas County Judge Jim Foster Dallas County Commissioners Court 411 Elm St., 2nd Floor Dallas, Texas 75202 214.653.7949 214.653.6586/fax Email:


  • State Hospital Liaison (for mentally ill) to the Jail Rebecca Hallmark Dallas Area NorthSTAR Authority Toll free # is: 877-653-6363, extension 108 E-MAIL:
  • Parkland Memorial Hospital
    • Parkland’s Liaison for the Jail: Ms. Sharon Phillips, R.N., MBA Sr. V.P. COPC/EPO/OHS & Wellness/Jail Health Parkland Health & Hospital System Dallas, TX 75235 OFFICE: 214-590-0104 OFFICE: 214-590-0173 FAX: 214-590-0173 E-MAIL:
    • Parkland’s Liaison with their Board of Managers: Jan Coder, OFFICE: 214-590-8078 E-MAIL:
    • Parkland’s Corporate Communications Dept: Robert Behrens, Public Relations Specialist OFFICE: 214-590-8054 FAX: 214-590-2740 E-MAIL:
    • Ms. April Foran, Director E-MAIL:


North Dallas Shared Ministries: Urban League of Dallas Project 4 Victory: Metro Crest Social Services


  • Matt Pulle, Staff Writer The Dallas Observer P.O. Box 190289 Dallas, TX 75219-0289 OFFICE: 214-757-8424 FAX: 214-757-8590 E-MAIL:
  • Mr. Kevin Krause Dallas Morning News E-MAIL: (Wrote 12/13/2006 article: “Feds detail fatal dangers at jail: suit threatened over care, Dallas County officials say conditions improving”)
  • Sherry Jacobson Dallas Morning News Local News Columnist E-MAIL: (Wrote 12/23/2006 article: “No party has lock on jail’s woes.” Article is about Kenn S. George, the GOP’s leader in Dallas County, writing a letter to the editor and blaming Sheriff Valdez, a Democrat, for all of the health-related problems at the jail. A quote from this article: “Never mind that her predecessor, Jim Bowles, a Republican, was master of the county jail for two decades, a period pockmarked with similar accusations of improper care and conditions.”
  • Jaime S. Jordan Web Editor Dallas Business Journal 12801 North Central Expressway, Ste. 800 Dallas, Texas 75243-1862 OFFICE: 214-706-7106 FAX: 214-696-1486 E-MAIL: (Wrote 12/14/06 article, “DOJ slams conditions at Dallas County Jail”.)
  • Scott Henson (“Grits For Breakfast” blog)


  • Ms. Janie Metzinger Public Policy Director Mental Health Assn. of Greater Dallas 624 N. Good-Latimer, Ste. 200 Dallas, TX 75204 OFFICE: 214-871-2420 ext. 114 FAX: 214-954-0611 E-MAIL:


  • David Finn, Esq. Principal Office: Dallas, Texas 2828 N. Harwood, Suite 1950 Dallas, TX. 75201 OFFICE: (214) 651-1121 E-MAIL:
  • Fort Worth Office One Summit Avenue, Suite 906 Fort Worth, Texas 76102 OFFICE: (817) 460-LAWS OFFICE: (817) 460-5297 David Finn’s blog:
  • Jeff Kobs, Esq. (Represented Mims) Kobs, Haney & Hundley Sundance Sq., 115 W. Second St., Ste. 204 Fort Worth, TX 76102 OFFICE: 817-332-5956 FAX: 817-332-2899
  • Russell Wilson II E-MAIL:


Aid of Northwest Texas

They operate a toll free intake and advice hotline; they are open Monday – Friday, 9am to noon, 1pm to 4pm


The Dallas Bar Association Legal Line

They sponsor a free advice line the 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of each month:  214-220-7476

More information:

Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program

This number may be for attorneys trying to volunteer, rather than for people looking for help, but if the first two options are not able to offer you legal advise for some reason, this could be a back up.


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Here’s a question about an inmate in Dallas jail from (a useful forum for questions and answers for families of inmates) I have deleted some info for privacy sake:

My hubby got sentenced 5yrs on 12/10….Well he still hasn’t got picked up by tdc from Lew Sterrit (Dallas County Jail) since then. Does anyone know how long it usually takes or if there is a number I could call to inquire about him being picked up? I know they won’t give dates out but I just feel like I need to know something. Also does this time that he is waiting in county to be tranfered to prison count for any time towards his sentence?
ANSWER from Experienced Reader:
Generally, you are looking at a period of about two weeks between sentencing and the pen pack being sent by the Sheriff to TDCJ. Until that is done, TDCJ won’t even know he exists. Only after someone is on the State-Ready system does the 45-day duty to accept begin to run. He will receive credit for all time following the sentencing while awaiting transfer.My guess would be that outgoing chain will include him within the next ten days or so. In the interim, I would suggest focusing on the fact that he is in a facility where you will be able to continue to have contact with him as opposed to the roughly *one month where you will be extremely limited in that ability… (After transfer to TDCJ, there is a black out period during which familes cannot find out where the inmate is).