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My Son Survived a GEO Jail

Oct 13th, 2007 | Category: Dickins County, Families Speak Out, Jailhouse Stories

Letter to TJP from mother of inmate:

“My son was barely out of high school and it was a non-violent offense. He was in a private jail in Spur Texas owned by the Geo Group out of Florida. This was my first experience with jails of any kind and I couldn’t believe some of the things they pulled. It was like being in a foreign country where no one was accountable to you.

“Their beds were dirty and there were no pillows. They were given no soap, toothpaste , shampoo or razors. All of that they had to buy at high prices. Same thing with clean underwear. And supposedly they had a library but no one was ever allowed to go to it. They brought a book cart around once in 3 months! it said in the handbook (which only inmates have…not relatives) that they could receive books via mail but they said that this privilege had been taken away after I sent books. The worst thing: My son never got his medicine for his stomach ulcer in the 3 months he was there.

“They were very rude to all the visitors so I can imagine how they were to the inmates. The waiting area for relatives was about the size of a large car & filled with homemade furniture. You had to come at the exact time and hour for visitation…which I did, but one hour before visitation was to be over I was told that they wouldn’t have time to go and get my son for me to visit. I had driven 4 hours. The girl next to me was turned away (she had driven from New Mexico) because she did not bring a marriage license to prove her marriage to an inmate.

“Are we crazy for putting up with that as taxpayers? The big blow up with the juvenile detention centers is a perfect example, except they are state owned. I don’t think the light will ever be shed on these private facilities.”

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9 years ago

My boyfriend is locked up in the detention faculty ( Geo) in San antonio TX. It is terrible the way they have the visitation area and it is disgusting. The restroom stalls don’t have doors. Plus they have roaches; it smells like urine in the whole waiting area… No where to sit while visiting the inmate. Not to only that visitation hours and days are terrible. Inmates can only receive 40 minutes a week. The visitors have to share the 40 minutes with other family members visiting the inmate’s. That is cruel. Not being able to see them until the fallowing week for only 10-40 minutes. Depending on who visits the inmates.