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Diane Wilson Goes to Bat in Calhoun County

Aug 26th, 2008 | Category: Calhoun County, Success Stories

We think Angela deserves a round of applause! She refused to give up even when she was ignored. Angela’s brother had a terminal condition and desperately needed his medication, but wasn’t receiving it in their jail. Angela sent them a 1500 word complaint, and sent the same complaint to the biggest paper in her area, the Victoria Advocate, and they published it. Then she found us, emailed us and Diane Wilson drove over and had a conversation with the sheriff. Then, finally, the jail staff paid attention.

Calhoun County, Texas, August 26, 2008 –

     TJP has been heaven sent for my family. When everyone else turned their heads and looked the other way when it came to my concerns about my brother, TJP stepped in and by them doing that there has been a big positive change in my brothers treatment. After TJP (Diane Wilson) went down to Calhoun County Jail to follow up on my complaint to their local Sheriff, my brother’s medical condition was paid attention too and he has now been released.

Thanks to the Texas Jail Project my brother’s voice was heard.

Angela Peoples

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