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Carla Ramos Deported

Dec 10th, 2009 | Category: Cameron County, McLennan County, Women and Jails

Update, 2011: Carla was deported to Mexico and is forced to live a desperate existence in Matamoros, separated from her family and all that she knows. Here is Gail Hanson’s account of all that led up to this situation.

“Many of the readers from TJP have been following Carla’s story and several have written to her. As a chaplain, I visited her weekly for two years in Cameron County Jail and I became her friend. Since I talk to her every week since she has been transferred, I wanted to give you an update. Carla has now been in jail for four years. She was taken to court nearly 30 times before her trial for murder only to be returned to her cell to wait again. She was found ‘not guilty’. Her only involvement had been that she was in the back seat of the car which transported someone to and from a job site where the murder had been committed, all without her participation or knowledge.
“The details of her case and the injustices she has suffered have been nearly beyond belief. Her fourth child was born in jail. Her sister died in the visitation room while Carla had to watch from behind barriers. When the D.A. threatened to retry her case unless she plead to some involvement, she was advised to say she participated in a burglary for the sentence of ‘time served’. Although Carla’s mother, siblings and children are all U.S. citizens, like in the cases of many border families, she is not. She attended school in Brownsville and almost all of her family lives here. However, she had re-entered the U. S. using her sister’s I.D. and was taken from county jail to be tried in federal court on an immigration charge.
“This 27 year old woman has been moved around between so many jails, I can barely remember all the addresses that I have had to use to write to her. Since her family does not have a phone she can call, I am often her only hope of getting word to them when she is again moved. Her 60 year old diabetic mother is raising 11 children under the age of 14 until Carla is released and can take over part of that responsibility. She was repeatedly assured that she would get ‘time served’ for the immigration charge or the maximum of 4 months. However, the federal judge saw the charge of burglary, and after berating her cruelly, sentenced her to 11 more months. On March 18th, she is suppose to be taken to some border crossing and dropped off in Mexico.
“She is now held in Waco, in the McLennan County Jail (TJP comments: Carla describes conditions there as the worst she has seen, but the immigrants held there have no way to complain and are afraid to in any event.) There is no way her mother or her children can go and see her, due to the distance.  I have a fellow teacher and several generous high school students who have been visiting the family every week for the past two years. They celebrate birthday parties and have picnics and share news about the kids for me to send Carla. If you would like to write to Carla, this is her address: Carla Ramos Becerra #60920279 McLennan County Detention Center 520 Columbus Avenue, Waco, Texas, 76701.”

– Gail Hanson

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sandra rios
6 months ago

carla its me sandra rios i am so happy ur out and hopefully one day i will see u again. i will always carry u in my heart… call me at 9563366322