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Comal County Jail: Reckless Disregard for Human Life

Dec 2nd, 2009 | Category: Comal County, Stories

I was unfortunate enough to be held captive in the Comal County Jail (New Braunfels) for one year until August 2006 (Eleven months of that time served was an illegal detention). Their reckless disregard for human life and medical negligence caused the death of more than one inmate during my stay there, including a 68 year old man. He was very ill from cirrhosis and I heard his calls for help, but the staff (including the nurse at the time, Mrs Hood) refused to contact emergency services. He was dead a few hours later. I suspect that the negligent deaths continue to this day.

Me being from Washington D.C., I was unfamiliar with the Texas incarceration industry (I am NOT using the word “corrections” as this was all about locking up as many people as possible for as long as possible down in Texas). I was amazed that it was possible for one so called person to treat another with such contempt and cruelty. Texans need to realize that whether or not they care about the inmates in the local jails, they are creating more problems and costs for communities because these jails are destroying both the physical and mental health of thousands of people. At the least, the bad treatment is creating a population of people INCAPABLE of re integration into society.

My penchant for filing grievances caused me to end up in permanent solitary confinement even though I had never even been accused of committing an act of violence (putting someone in solitary permanently is a complete violation of federal court rulings on cruel and unusual punishment.) It was there that I constantly saw abuses of power so profound that I am still in therapy two years later. Some of their “career” officers (like Sgt. Schroeder) are guilty of literally hundreds of human rights violations and should themselves be locked up.

I wrote this to help give a voice to all those silenced by the extreme corruption and abuse and to tell them to fight the abuse by any means you need to. Your most important ally is a persistent family member that cares about you and who is willing to go public against the jail.

Brian Watkins, November 2009

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10 years ago

I had a relative that was incarcerated for a lengthy time at the Nazi Comal Couny Jail . He was contained in a one man cell. Not only did Comal County Jail cronies violate his right to come out of his jail several times a week for a hour for exercise or to see the sun light they would go into his cell at 3am every morning and use bleach to clean the cell. Then they would put him back in there with no proper ventilation which caused his lungs to burn. When I addressed a higher person on the chain of command that I was concerned about this I was told that had to be done becuz there was mold in the building and if they did not do that there would be a serious mold problem. Ummmm.
Just recently a young man that is being held there in the Nazi Camp told me that he has been beaten by a certain jail guard . This is the same jail guard I have been told about before that likes to abuse some of the inmates including a certain inmate that is not there other than my relative. 3 inmates told me the same thing about this same guard.

9 years ago

I just read the comments here and the same thing is happening to my grandson, who is just waiting for trial, never convicted of anything. Is there a chaplain? He is asking to see one. What can I do to help my grandson?

8 years ago

my brother is in there now
they refuse to provide me with a list of his meds so I recorded the calls and put them on youtube.

c. citizen
8 years ago

I was incarcerated in comal county jail. I wrecked My motorcycle on private property. I came to and the law was throwing me in handcuffs. I was in serious pain because I had broken my ankle in the accident and denied to go to the hospital. They threw me around like a rag doll. I was screaming in pain so they put me in leg shackles and carried me down the hallway by the shackles to a cell were I was placed for the night. Finally about 3am a nurse comes in to look at my leg 6 hours after my arrest and says that there’s nothing wrong with me. Even though my ankle was swollen up like a basketball. When the morning came around like I had no choice but to pay my fine. To get out because i I knew by then I would receive no medical care. I went into surgery the next day and they put a rod in the leg. Now when its cold or it rains it starts hurting its a continual remindment of a horrible night in the hands of my captors. That have no respect for human life.
And don’t expect to find a lawyer to help. No one will stand up to bob holder or rex campbell.

8 years ago

I was locked up there for 2 months, freezing cold. The Nurse comes by on Monday mornings to check your blood pressure if you are on heart medication, which I am. My blood pressure was ok because I have been on my meds for 30 years and I had just woken up. The Nurse decided to take me off of my blood pressure meds and really messed me up. They did not care that I HAVE to have my meds at the same time every day. I went 3 days without them. It took weeks after I was released to get back to normal.

8 years ago

I was arrested by the comal police I wish I could mention who it is because I would love to insult him in words that he would spend an hour looking up.. But I am still dealing with this crap. Basically without giving too much info I was wrongfully arrested literally an exit away from getting out of comal and basically illegally searched and arrested along with a friend who had a warrant so I can understand that. Anyhow I had paraphernalia in my car which again I understand is illegal here but now I am facing a multitude of charges included a magically appearing 2 oz of marijuana they supposedly found in my car. It was a hell of a night and following day. It took forever to get me out even though I was one of 4 in the jail at the most during my visit. Never got help. You don’t get told time. They treat others so inhumanly I wanted to throw up. We need to do something.

6 years ago

I was arrested for a dwi after wrecking on my own private property. A sprained wrist and an arm and shoulder covered in lacerations and abrasions. Didn’t get bailed out for 3 days and when I left had major infections and my wrist had multiplied in pain as well as swelling. I asked every guard to go to the infirmary to at least clean up my cuts, with no avail. They’re heartless, and couldn’t care less about the kids in their jail for minor-nonviolent crimes.

6 years ago

i was incarcerated in comal county jailjust recently for 6 days. i was given some type of halucenagenic drug and very abused. i am disabled and they are no where close to beinng ada compliant. i had my dignaty totally stripped fron me when i was forced to defacate in a floor drain and given no toilet paper. i was put in a room with no water no bed no toilet facilities and forced to sleep on the floor for 2 days i need help from the ADA and a civil rights attorney. someone please help me stop this horrible abuse. Thank You John Bray
830 714 9364

Valerie Ponton
5 years ago

My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of these people that found themselves in Comal Co jail. I will pray that our elected officials will open their eyes to the treatment in our jails. I am appalled and have lost respect for our law enforcement personal. How corrupt can a little badge and gun make a person. Very sadistically so it seems. The world is watching us here in America. Amnesty International is participating in having the restraint chair abolished. Our psychiatric association are stating that the needto not be used. American do not be so smug we treat our people as bad as most 3rd world countries. Should we not be better? Set an example? obviously our law enforcement thinks they have all the power to do as they wish. But on ly think. Hopefully our officials will punish them as they should be and put them in their place. write all your Officials now for they are studying just this. SPEAK OUT OR VOTE OUT. That is my new saying.

2 years ago

And they’re still at it. I visited the jail just a few days ago and the negligence and human rights violations are still there.