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Inmates Sleeping on Jail Floor

Jan 10th, 2010 | Category: Wichita County

Some Wichita County inmates could soon find themselves housed in Montague County.

This morning, Wichita County commissioners voted to renew a contract allowing transfers, all to help ease overflow of inmates. The transfers cost about $35 a day per inmate. This summer, the jail saw a record number of inmates with some even having to sleep on the floor.
At that time, Sheriff David Duke told us building a larger book-in unit could alleviate some of the over-flow because 70 percent of inmates are released with in three days.

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Dallas County Anonymous
10 years ago

. . . . . Re Dallas County Jail: I personally sat in jail for a week waiting to see the judge on a traffic ticket that had already been taken care of, but the city failed to cancel the warrant. I spent a week in a cell with 32 to 40 other women… a cell that was meant to hold only 8 people. No mattress, no blanket, no bunks at all other than a tiled concrete ledge. We were so crowded that we were literally laying or sitting on top of each other. And these kinds of conditions for folks who hadn’t even been convicted of anything yet! How is this even constitutional??