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Webb County Jail Fails Inspection

Jan 21st, 2010 | Category: Webb County

http://www.pro8news.com/news/local/65949212.html Oct 25, 2009

Webb county sheriffs department officials say they weren’t surprised with the results of an inspection of the county jail.
The jail failed an inspection by the Texas Commission on Jail standards Friday because it didn’t meet the 1 to 48 officer to inmate ratio.
Officials say the jail has been understaffed and commissioners have not responded to their request to hire more people.
“We were expecting this. This is no surprise but we’re hoping that they’re listening that we are under supplied the personnel that we need. We went back and looked at our record and found that in the last four years there were no new slots provided to our department.” Deputy Chief Federico Garza told Pro 8 New.
Garza also says they were able to hire one person after being awarded a new grant but that person must remain on patrol according to requirements.

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