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Brazoria Inmate Dies After Fall….

Mar 13th, 2010 | Category: Brazoria County, Medical care

by John Tompkins, March 13, 2010, in The Facts

ANGLETON — Police are investigating the death of a Brazoria County Detention Center inmate who is believed to have hit his head during a fall in his cell.

Lisandro Torres, 52, of Alvin was taken Thursday evening to Angleton Danbury Medical Center after fellow inmates told jailers he fell in his cell and hit his head, Sheriff Charles Wagner said. He died at the hospital Friday morning.

The inmate’s death comes after relatives complained several times to the sheriff’s office and to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards about the quality of Torres’ medical care in the detention center, the commission’s executive director said.

Torres was treated at the hospital after his fall Thursday night and deputies arrived at about 5 a.m. Friday to take him back to the jail, Wagner said. Torres was in a wheelchair as a deputy pushed him to the car, he said.

“As they were coming out to the car, the deputy noticed he wasn’t breathing,” Wagner said.

Torres was taken back into the hospital and he died moments later, he said.

“He was supposed to see our doctor today,” Wagner said Friday.

No foul play is suspected, he said. No preliminary cause of death has been determined, and Torres’ body was taken to the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy.

Torres was in the county jail awaiting the outcome of a presentence investigation report by the county adult probation office, his attorney Chris Duncan said. A jury Wednesday found Torres guilty of felony driving while intoxicated, online court records show.

“The judge was going to determine whether to give him probation or prison time,” Duncan said.

He had been at the county jail since September awaiting trial.

*Family members told state officials Torres had some medical problems and he was not receiving adequate care at the Brazoria County Detention Center, said Adan Munoz, executive director for the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

“I sent two inspectors to follow up on the concerns,” Munoz said. “They were to verify he was seeing a physician.”

The inspectors’ report will not be available until next week, Munoz said.

The county approved a $2.7 million contract in June with the University of Texas Medical Branch to provide inmate care. The contract went into effect in October and includes on-site, telemedicine and inpatient services. Emergency cases, however, are taken to Angleton Danbury Medical Center.

When complaints about inmate health care are issued, the Commission on Jail Standards only has to verify the inmate is treated by a physician, Munoz said.

“We do not question what that treatment is,” he said.

Wagner said Torres had medical problems and was being treated by a doctor while he was at the jail. Wagner could not say what those conditions were.

“He was receiving medical treatment,” he said.

Duncan said he was notified of his client’s death while he was in a hearing at the Brazoria County Courthouse. Duncan spoke with Torres’ family Friday and said they were “distraught.”

“It was very upsetting,” he said. “His family was worried for a while that this might happen.”

Duncan said he is working on the family’s behalf to learn more about the circumstances of Torres’ death.

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10 years ago

Until you are in the jail and know exactly what goes in there you have no right to say anything about the care.

10 years ago

This is listed under the Brazos County link, but happened in Brazoria County

10 years ago

The above story does not match what they said happened to my husband Lisandro……He did not have high blood pressure prior to arrest, and the dismissal suit filed by brazoria county claims an entirely different story and I dont understand why the FBI would not get involved, who polices the police? I tried contacting the Texas Rangers atod before all evidence on their (BCDC) side was altered or destroyed….I still cannot find an attorney….I am so angry that this has ruined my and our sons lifes, he is on his third or fourth nervous breakdown at this time and it is sad NOT ONE ATTORNEY IN TEXAS will stand up for justice….if only Kelly Seigler would take my case but I was told I needed 10 to 20 thousand to start not to bother her…..but that is every attorney because he was hispanic although he was an american citizen and why where THEY allowed to break so many laws local and federal? My husband was an american citizen almost all his life but was not entitled to the “benefits” of the constitution. I still have not gotten the report from the Texas Jail Commission or Brazoria county as promised over two years ago….why?????? The stress is killing me and my last hospital stay was near stroke over all this……what happened to my rights? I wish Jesse W parents would contact me with their attorney information….please give them my email address at justice4lisandro@yahoo.com
God Bless all those that were wronged, my heart goes out to you. I am considering giving up the case due too the harrassement and threats to drop it from BC and I am tired of living in fear of those I looked up to.
I pray an attorney willl at least help me for my upcoming federal court date to prove I have a case…..I so do