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May, 2010: Dallas County Jail Has a Dress Code!

May 29th, 2010 | Category: Dallas County

A family member just emailed, May 29, 2010:
You will be sent away if you wear shorts or dresses above the knee. No sleeveless tops are allowed either. It is so heartbreaking to watch people wait 2 hours in line after paying $3 to park only to be sent home without seeing their loved one for this dress code infraction that is not even posted–anywhere! You should also know that children can only visit on the weekend and there is no place inside to wait if you are not going to visit. Thank you for this site.

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8 years ago

I feel your pain. I have seen where there are woman who wear certain style of boots that they were not able to get to see their loved ones either and this to me is being to picky. I think that when it is as cold as it is here in Dallas County and we are going to see our loved ones in jail that we as innocent people are being punished for our loved ones being in jail. It was cold on last Friday and the officers were taking their time letting the people in. It was five minutes after seven and the police officers still had not came outside to give the slips to the people to fill out. Why is it that every county jail has a place for love ones to come in out of the cold to wait on their love ones but Lew Sterretts jail? I know our taxes are paying them and also should have made it to where people could come in out of the elements and stay warm.

Tags: No Place to Sit (Just want to keep warm) while waiting to see my loved one.