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Hockley Jail Fails Inspection In Many Ways

Aug 3rd, 2010 | Category: Conditions in County Jails, Hockley County

See the comment “Double Standard” below? That’s from one year ago exactly, reported to us by the sister of an inmate. She said that in the Hockley County Jail, people are treated poorly and conditions are dangerous. Now, here come the inspectors saying the same thing. When will they start treating the people inside like human beings?

Posted: August 2, 2010 – 4:01pm Lubbock Online

Levelland – The Hockley County Jail did not meet state jail standards, according to an annual inspection report conducted last month.The Texas Commission on Jail Standards inspected the jail July 13 and 14 and found six areas of non-compliance.

The inspection report said jail records failed to show adequate training for all employees, completion of a monthly and quarterly fire hazard inspection checklist, adequate drills in equipment usage, testing of emergency power equipment and an annual internal audit on the classification system.

Also, the county jail had a leaky roof and failed to meet the one jailer to 48 inmates ratio.

Sheriff Kevin Davis said he was not surprised by the inspection results because the population of inmates has jumped in volume since he was appointed to the office last August.

Since the inspection, Davis said all of the problems have been addressed – some inmates were moved to other county jails, the roof was repaired and the documentation errors were corrected.

In order to handle the greater influx of inmates, he requested funding for three additional jail employees from county commissioners. He hopes the county supports his request so his department can continue to enforce the law and house all future in-county offenders, Davis said.

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