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In Potter County: Michael Dick’s Parents Sue the Jail

Oct 16th, 2010 | Category: Jailhouse Stories, Potter County

The parents of Michael Dick today filed a lawsuit against Potter County, several jailers and medical staff claiming they’re responsible for their son’s death while he was incarcerated last year. They claim their son, who was 33 at the time of his death, was denied proper medical care.

Dick was arrested in July 2008 in the Santa Fe Building in downtown Amarillo on a probation violation. He resisted arrest but was eventually taken into custody. He suffered injuries during the arrest and was treated at a hospital. But it was 10 days after the arrest that Dick died in his cell at the Potter County Detention Center from peritonitis, according to the suit.

The federal lawsuit details the last days of Dick’s life and the medical attention he needed. It claims the medical care Dick needed should have been apparent, given a seizure he suffered and “irrational and nonsensical statements” he made.

The suit claims Potter County employees and medical staff acted with deliberate indifference to Dick’s condition. The family is suing for the pain and suffering of Dick, burial expenses, punitive damages against individual guards and medical staff, along with other claims.

Jeff Blackburn, who is representing Dick’s parents, said today he will not discuss the details of the suit.

“We are just going to stand behind the petition,” he said.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009
Sean Thomas (Sean.thomas@amarillo.com)

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We didn’t know about this case, but a new contributor, Charlene Cheek, pointed it out and we thank her for it. We want to publicize the story of every individual who is “jailed to death” by lack of medical care.
Diana, TJP director

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10 years ago

I am sorry for ur loss my father is going through this also n dnt know what to do