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Lisa Gave Birth Alone in Taylor County Cell

Oct 4th, 2010 | Category: Stories, Taylor County, Women and Jails

A young Abilene woman unexpectedly stepped before a crowd to describe the terrifying experience of bearing a child by herself in a jail cell; this remarkable video was made at a gathering to protest conditions in the Taylor County Jail. Organizer Lance Voorhees, who is also a jail chaplain, led the protest.

From The Lance Reports:

Lisa Mijares claims to have given birth to her son three years ago in the Taylor County Jail in Abilene, TX. After allerting correctional staff that she was in labor, her request for help was reportedly ignored. Although the birth certificate of her son states he was born at Hendrick Medical Center, she claims that is not the case and that she and her son were transported to Hendrick after she gave birth.

Mijares reportedly isn’t the only woman to have given birth at the jail. In a separate alleged incident, the baby died.

In this video interview, Mijares describes squating on her jail cell floor and catching the baby in her hands as she gave birth.

YouTube: Taylor County Citizens’ Review Board – Lisa

YouTube: Taylor County Citizens’ Review Board – Lance


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