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Val Verde Jail—Still Bad or Even Worse?

Oct 9th, 2010 | Category: Val Verde County

The excellent blog called Texas Prison Bidness… http://www.texasprisonbidness.org/
now has an interactive map which has color-coded pins to show exactly which county jails and prisons and immigration prisons are run by private prison companies like CCA and Geo, Inc.

Click on a pin and you get the basic info, for example, clicking on Del Rio tells you that it is home to:
Val Verde Correctional Facility and County Jail
Capacity: 1344
Operating company: GEO Group
Contracting Agencies:
Val Verde County
U.S. Marshals Service
U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)
Location / Contact
253 FM 2523 Hamilton Lane
Del Rio, TX, 78840
Phone: (830) 778-0096

Of course, this map doesn’t reveal the conditions in this facility. Val Verde was formerly infamous for the suicide of a woman who was harrassed after reporting the sexual misconduct of staff, back when GEO Group was operating under its former name of Wackenhut. Today inmates continue ro report difficulty getting medical care, and some relatives of thoes incarcerated there say they won’t report anything because of the threat of retribution. Even one of the guards there called Texas Jail Project to express concern about various abuses.

If another lawsuit is filed, GEO Group will have to come up with another new name!

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1 Comment
sherry brown
7 years ago

Eastland County Jail has the air conditioning set as low as it will go, they say they will have it ‘fixed’ but do nothing. the inmates are freezing, teeth chattering, their bunks are like ice and if they complain, eventually, the officers cut it completely off which makes it very very hot. The inmates tried to cover the vent and the officers removed the covering … What about human rights for inmates, i know they have rights to protect them from this kind of ‘abuse’. If family members say anything the officers retaliate against the inmates. Some inmates are actually innocent from what they’ve been accused of and shouldn’t be there. Regardless of what they are there for, don’t they have rights to be taken care of while they are in the custody of the correctional facilities.????