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What’s Going on in the Lubbock County Jail?

Oct 9th, 2010 | Category: Conditions in County Jails, Lubbock County

Lubbock area folks should be aware they can file a report with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards in the interest of public safety and the wellbeing of people incarcerated there. And please email info@texasjailproject.org with questions and comments.


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10 years ago

I myself was in the Lubbock county jail and Medical told me they over looked me for 21/2 months being in General Population. I told them i want to speaak to a lawyer because they had already overdosed me on a medication your suppose to have your blood levels check at least once a month. They told me if i didnt take the Tb Test they were going to move me to a cell i didnt like so i made a deal with the LVN that i would take it but only she could read it she agreed and i agreed and took it because they werent going to let me talk to an attorney. she didnt come to read it someone else did and i refused to show him and they moved me to the cell they said i would like which was a cell that had water problems with the water not working properly for 10 days i sent greivance after greivance and complaint after complaoint spoke with officer after officer and never was moved from the cell till i slipped and feel and hurt my knee but i had a previous slip in this celll because the officer would make the water shot out of my sinlk because it wouldnt work if they didnt mess with the pressure vaulve and i slipped and fell on the water in a single cell only allowed out of the cell for an hour if that and was taken by ambulance with a dislocated shoulder. i’ve tried to get an attorney to help me in lubbock also but i cant find one who can take my case probona because i have no money. Lubbock county Internal Affairs when i spoke with them said there were several violations in this report. but yet no attorney or legal aid will help me because they say its very hard to take on an intity such as a jail.