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No Accountability: GEO Does What It Wants

Nov 1st, 2010 | Category: Karnes County

Here is a letter from someone who knows what it’s like to deal witha GEO run jail. Her complaints sound
much like others having to do with private prison companies and the lack of accountability.

The sheriff here In Karnes County sends most of his prisoners to Frio Co. Detention Center because we don’t have enough room for everybody. It is a about a two hour drive from Karnes Co. can you imagine how much it cost to transfer inmates to and from jails and the courthouse for court or trial date that some times are postponed.

Karnes Co. does not pay for the beds that we use because the private prison, GEO gives us 10-15 free beds. Karnes Co. pays for medicines and for doctor visits,etc.

The Karnes Co. and GEO as to who is responsible for making sure that inmates are getting their meds and make doctor’s visits. They conveniently point the finger at each other and how do we know if anyone is telling the truth. We can’t prove it one way or another.

GEO doesn’t care about our inmates because they are getting well paid for the federal inmates. They probably get the meds that are suppose to be for our inmates. They didn’t make the inmates to sign that they got their meds only the nurse in charge documented that it was given. I don’t know if they still do it.

As far as I am concerned nobody holds these private prison accountable. You never can get any one to help you find out any information.

Thank You
Velma Garza

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