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Robert Jones Redden, never to be forgotten

Nov 14th, 2010 | Category: Jailhouse Stories, Stories

Robert JonesLinell says “Robert and I were empty nesters, married 26 years. We had 2 children and one grandson. After his death July 9th, 2006, another grandson was born whom he will never meet. Robert is also survived by his parents and three siblings and many nieces and nephews. He was born November 10, 1955.
“Robert was incarcerated in the Denton County Texas Jail in a pre-sentencing facility on a probation violation. Voluntarily turned himself in on May 6, 2006. Visted the jail infirmary four times complaining of chest pain, pain in back of throat and arm pain. On a scale of 1-10, his pain was logged as a 9.
“Infirmary knew he had previous heart attack and had angioplasty surgery 11 years prior. Diagnosed him with acid reflux on all occasions and gave him Tums. On his fifth visit to the infirmary, he had to be taken in a wheel chair as he was dizzy, arms tingling and was very weak. Diagnosed with a panic attack and given a Benadryl, but collapsed in front of the medic on duty. Revived in the jail and taken to Denton County Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Taken to the County coroner for autopsy and conclusion was massive heart attack caused by a blood clot.
I was notified four hours later by a visit from a sheriff and chaplain to our home. Nobody called to say he was taken to the hospital. His parents lived 2 minutes from that hospital.
“Lawsuit filed and Denton County won on appeal due to government immunity (Texas tort law). Crux of case was that EKG showed changes between early June and late June but doctor signed off on his record saying the abnormality was due to prior heart attack even though he had no baseline EKG to compare it to.
“The County only had to prove the EKG machine was functional. It does not matter it was interpreted wrong. Many wrongdoings and lack of following protocol uncovered during the deposition phase of the lawsuit including the 82 year old Peruvian doctor who signed a paper saying he had examined my husband but admitted under oath he did not.
“The Doctor was reported to the Texas Medical Association and after their investigation, the TMA offered the doctor a chance to retire and permanently surrender his medical license in exchange for suspending the investigation. The Doctor had been on probation for five years for doing the same thing in a nursing home.
“The jail’s internal investigation into my husband’s death indicated my husband and me as being the cause of his death. He for not taking care of himself and me for being an “overbearing, whining wife” causing him stress. That conclusion was drawn from our phone conversations between my husband and I from the jail which they listened to. Most of their claims were taken out of context from those taped phone calls.
“It does not matter what the internal investigation claimed and everything else that was alleged about why my husband died. I know he died due to the incompetency of the jail infirmary. When a person has chest and arm pain who has a prior heart attack history or for that matter anyone having those symptoms, it is always advised to take them to the emergency room.
Infirmary claimed they could not secure his medical records from his heart doctor since it had been over 7 years. I had to get those same records for my attorney and it took me less than an hour as they had everything stored online. The first line of his file said ‘patient complaining of chest pain, pain in the back of the throat and arm pain.’ These were the identical symptoms he complained of to the infirmary.’

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10 years ago

im so sorry for your loss. i cried all the while i read your story;

10 years ago

Sad.. I send prayers of peace and comfort.. Justice will prevail