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What is the difference between state jail and county jail in Texas?

Dec 21st, 2010 | Category: Conditions in County Jails

This sounds like a good answer to that question, from a former correctional officer named Bill G on a blog called INYO County Sheriff Talks.
December 20, 2010 at 4:24 pm
A state jail facility is run by, or under contract to, the Texas Dept of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). A state jail facility is really not a jail. It is actually a minimum security prison facility, although it is not officially called that.
There is no one in a state jail facility who is awaiting trial, like in a county jail. Everyone in TDCJ custody is convicted, and serving a sentence.
A state jail felony is a non-violent fourth degree felony, with a sentence of 180 days to two years.

The TDCJ unit directory page lists all correctional facilities operated by, or under contract to, the state.

I worked at a private state jail facility, as well as two different state prisons, during my 4 1/2 years as a correctional officer.

Edit: Although state jail facilities are for,”non-violent fourth degree felons”, they are NOT necessarily less violent than any other prison in the state of Texas. I had plenty of use of force incidents at the state jail facility I was at, as well as the prisons I worked at…..

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8 years ago

When someone is sentenced to state jail does that mean when they serve their time there that they are done. Or do they have to do probation again when they get out?

4 years ago

they are done.

Carol L Creel
3 years ago

Is prison the same as state jail?

Debbie ACosta
2 years ago

My grandson was transferred from county jail to a state jail either last night or today. How can we find out where he was transferred to? How long will it be before he’s able to use the phone?

Diana Claitor
  Debbie ACosta
2 years ago

It takes a while before he can use the phone, and it’s variable, but I’m hoping he’s been able to by now! Can’t predict.
They don’t let you know anything while the transfer is going on.

Sandra Meyer
2 years ago

Is it true the woodsman hasn’t had any water for 3 weeks, and the inmates all use the same bucket of ice with there hands during this epidemic, for drinking water? And more than 50 people have test positve, because of theses conditions?