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Amy Lynn’s Family Sends Thank You

May 10th, 2011 | Category: Families Speak Out

Gregg County, May 10, 2011
From the Family of Amy Lynn Cowling:
We wanted to thank you and Texas Jail Project for all the help, support, information and peace of mind you have brought to our family. There is not enough words or praise to express how much we appreciate everything you have done and are still doing.

We are going thru a very difficult time over the death of our Amy and it is not easy. Every day, we think of how much she has grown in the last 7 years and how closer to God she has become. We know that God has a plan and our only hope is that with our tragedy that someone else can be saved and laws can be changed to protect someone else that may go thru this. We will support you and your organization any way we possible can to get these laws changed.

I read a article the other day on your website that came from the Texas Jail Commission about how many complaints they receive a year and in 2009 I believe 35 to 40% of the calls were complaints about the medical care in county jails. This is astonishing. People in our county jails in Texas are sick and dying, victims of county employees who do not have the morals and sense of responsibility they should have. This has got to stop and again we are with you on anything we can help to get this changed.

Thank you,
Lisa Doolan and All of Amy Lynn Cowlings family.

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