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Denton County Didn’t Provide His Brother’s Meds

Oct 24th, 2011 | Category: About TJP, Denton County, Families Speak Out

Diana at Texas Jail Project was an awesome GREAT HELPER WHO WAS ABLE TO GET my brother his medication at the Denton county jail. They were not giving it to him until Diana successfully complained.  I don’t know how she did it but she kept in touch with me and updated on everything that was going on.

A couple of days later, he received his medication–clonezapan also knows as ROCHE; he has to take a daily dose for his seizure epilepsy. I couldn’t have asked for better assistance because I called everyone and tried everything and only Texas Jail Project was able to help. Thank you SO much, J.G.   October 8, 2011

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10 years ago

The TJP strikes again – awesome.

9 years ago

My son has just gone into Denton County jail to serve a 90 day sentence. He has been on 2 mg 2x/day of Clonzapem since his release from the Marine corps 4 years ago, They did as they were instructed, went to his physician, recieved a written prescription, filled the Rx and took it the the Denton county jail when he signed in. In the last 49 hours, he has been refused any of this medication, and was told that he would be denied the Physicians dosage of 4 mg a day. Needless to say, he is getting uncomfortable, starting to double over with stomach pain from previous ulcers and reflux that he developed in the Marine corp. And is still being ignored. We are going to his Physician on Monday to ask for help since this is not a narcotic, is an extremely low daily dose, and is going to create significant health problems as long as this nurse that is not an MD decides to override an MD’s prescription. What can we do to resolve this absurd crap?

Ashley Owens
9 years ago

My boyfriend was denied his pills because he kept a pill he wanted to take it at 8:00 like the doctor told him to do due to this pill aiding him to sleep at night. Now the jail he is in passes his night meds at 5:30pm and its not even dark out side. My question is are there any state laws on the times of administering of the medication? I never knew before I started researching this topic about everyone who has died in the Texas jail systems. my heart hurts for the family’s these people don’t have to die just because the damn jails wont give there meds if its proscribed they need to give it to them This has to be against some sort of right we have as Americans and if there isn’t one we need to enforce one.