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Mitrice Richardson Tragedy Could Have Been In Texas

Oct 22nd, 2011 | Category: Women and Jails

      Recently the Texas Jail Project was  contacted by Ronda Hampton, a practicing  psychologist and family friend of a young  woman, Mitrice Richardson, who died  after being released from a county jail at night in  California. Her body was not found for nearly  a year. Hampton has joined others in  protests to the LA and Malibu sheriffs  department. Read about it here: Malibu Surfside News

Dr. Hampton spoke truth to power while clearly describing  the situation for so many women and men both in California and Texas. We need more spokespeople in Texas to express outrage such as hers, because we have seen there are several county jails that routinely  dump inmates in the middle of the night – leaving women and mentally ill inmates especially vulnerable.

“People should not be released from your jails in a way that renders them helpless to care for themselves,” says Dr. Hampton. “Women should not be afraid of law enforcement officers, lest they be raped and harmed by those who are supposed to serve and protect. The mentally ill should be cared for and not mocked by uncaring officers, and swift and immediate action should be taken against any officer who engages in any form of misconduct.”

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