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Tom Green County Jail Passes Inspection

Oct 23rd, 2011 | Category: Tom Green County

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Tom Green County Sheriff Joe Hunt and members of the county jail shared with Tom Green County commissioners Tuesday the kudos they received after passing an unannounced jail inspection last week.

The inspector with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards went to the jail March 22 through March 24. Hunt said he prefers unannounced inspections.

“It gives a truer picture of how things are,” Hunt said.

Otherwise, jail staff can take time to make sure their records are in order for the specific date of inspection, or they may check to make sure that their generator is operational for that day. The jail undergoes an inspection annually, Hunt said.

Inspectors examined the jail and staff on everything from how paperwork was filed to how long it took for jail staff to put on air packs in case of a fire.

The sheriff’s department received a certificate for not having any deficiencies. Hunt said the jail crew did about the same quality job as they did for their last unannounced inspection.

In the past 10 years, Hunts said, the jail has received only two unannounced inspections.

“It doesn’t happen too often,” Hunt said.

Todd Allen, the jail commander, said he wasn’t expecting any sort of inspection, especially not late in the afternoon when the inspector arrived.

“I was pretty surprised,” Allen said.

Allen said that the checkup happened in the middle of training for new jail employees. The jail employs 106 people, Hunt said.

“It was a little hectic,” Allen said.

Allen said the staff knew the inspector from when the inspector worked for another county, but that he was tough in his work.

“I wasn’t worried about any areas,” Allen said. “The paperwork is kept up with daily. … There are going to be problems. They don’t expect anyone to be 100 percent perfect.”

Beth Mull, assistant jail commander, was a bit more nervous when the inspection began.

“I always heard the horror stories about not finding a paper,” Mull said.

Near the end of the ordeal, however, Mull said the jail crew was feeling confident.

“During the inspection you get that vibe on how you’re doing,” Mull said.

The inspector gave the jail staff a briefing on the jail’s success on his last day there.

Hunt said he does not expect the jail to change around any of its operations.

“We’re just going to maintain what we’re doing,” Hunt said. “I think it speaks volumes to our people.”

Hunt received a letter from the executive director commending the department.

“The citizens of Tom Green County should be proud of your combined efforts, as is the Texas Commission on Jail Standards,” the letter read.

In other actions at Tuesday’s meeting:

*Commissioners decided to change the name of an offshoot of North Grape Creek Road to Choate Road.

The decision will affect four residents, said Charla Putnam, the Tom Green County addressing coordinator.

The commissioners also said they would look into who would buy and maintain private road signs.

*Commissioners voted to join the National Joint Powers Alliance, which allows the county to use the bids of conglomerates of other government entities.

“The more co-ops we get, the better,” Johnny Grimaldo, the county purchasing agent, said.

He said there is no cost to join the co-op and that the county would use it to by copiers.

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