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Death in the Orange County Jail Infirmary: Why?

Nov 20th, 2011 | Category: Orange County

Reported by: Raquel Duncan,  Friday, October 21 2011

The way an Orangefield man died in the Orange County jail last week, isn’t sitting well with a Beaumont man tonight. Last week, 41 year old Robert Montano was found not breathing in the infirmary he had been staying in.

1st Responders were called to assist, but were unable to save him. Authorities believe bath salts contributed to Montano’s death.

“Just because I don’t know him, he’s a human being… he deserves a right to live.”

This Beaumont man who doesn’t want to be identified is questioning the way Montano died.

“They’re in jail for a reason… we all have basic human needs that need to be met.”

Montano was in the infirmary when he was found not breathing.

The Beaumont man’s father was in another infirmary the same night Montano was.

He told his son, Montano seemed incoherent in the way he was talking throughout the night and all of a sudden he didn’t hear him anymore.

Even though the Orange County Sheriff’s Office told Fox 4 last week that nurses checked on Montano every 30 minutes, the Beaumont man’s father and others near Montano’s cell say this is not true.

They believe Montano was in his cell for a few hours before he was found unconscious.

The Beaumont man says this matter needs to be investigated.

“That doesn’t add up to me.”

His concern doesn’t end there.

He says while his father has been in custody, he not only wasn’t checked on periodically, but has been given a hard time getting medication.

This is leaving his son concerned about his safety behind bars.

Fox 4 contacted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for comment today.

We were told because it’s an internal situation, they brought in an outside agency to investigate montano’s death.

We were referred to the Texas Rangers, which is investigating.

When we called that agency, they told us they can’t comment because it’s an ongoing investigation.

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