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Abilene Mom Thanks TJP

Dec 31st, 2011 | Category: Families Speak Out

I would like to thank Diane and Diana and the Texas Jail Project for coming to Abilene and showing the medical neglect and mistreatment of inmates in the Taylor County Jail. She listened to our stories when everyone else had a dead ear. She helped my son Westley Freeman when he was in the jail being beaten and with medical neglect, after that things seemed better but then got bad again. It is people like TJP that helps make changes in County Jails. Thank you Diana & Diane for helping the citizens in Taylor County. Just know we are still fighting the fight.Cheryl Freeman
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9 years ago

what i want to know is :does the county have a right to charge an inmate for medical care and do they have the right to charge a court appointed atty’s legal fees back to the inmate..also texas prison garza west says my son can’t call me and wont be available for visitation,for at least 60 days….the reason for the no phone call is that” we dont allow them to call cell phones, only home phones”i need help pls