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Sheriff Can Use Commissary Fund for Whatever Projects He Wants!

Jan 13th, 2012 | Category: Reports

The sheriff gets to decide what projects to do with the inmate commissary funds. Here is the summary:

A county sheriff controls the county jail commissary fund, and as a result, the sheriff must make the initial determination, subject to judicial review, as to whether proceeds from the fund may be used for particular purposes. The proceeds may be used only to fulfill one of the five purposes described in section 351.0415(c) of the Local Government Code.

Here is the whole ruling:


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9 years ago

The system really sucks. That is too bad. Parents work hard to send money to their loved ones. I wound like to know how the county sheriff would fill if they told him: by the way we are not able to give you your full check because we are needing some funds for a project.

9 years ago

This type of things occurred because of the feeling of inmates. Not all inmates deserve to be in jail. Some need mental help. Apparently, these small municipalities (Sheriffs) feel that they are God and they aren’t. He knows this isn’t right and know that he need to receive funds from Government, not our money. I hope and pray, no police officer, sheriff, Governor, or any other persons with authority family member ever get locked up. They will soon learn what we go through. I forgot, society and the system is screwed up. Their family members will never spend time in jail, If they do, the rules will bend to make it like a piece of cake for them. One thing for sure, God has the ultimate say so, and whom ever think they are God or on top of the world will reap what they sow.