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Bexar County Lawsuit Notice

Mar 29th, 2012 | Category: Bexar County

Were you in the Bexar County jail recently? Please let us know what your experience was and check out this notice of a lawsuit:

“I’m an attorney investigating a possible class action lawsuit for inmates at Bexar County Jail who wear contact lenses. If you know anyone who spent time there who suffered harm because they were denied saline solution by the commissary and/or access to eyeglasses, please contact me at info@aldrichlawfirm.com “
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10 years ago

My son is in Bexar County Adult Detention Center Annex. He wears contacts and was denied saline solution for six days and he had to order it for himself thru the commissary.

9 years ago

I wear contact lenses and also had issues getting saline or even plain sterile water to store overnight. Instead I had to sleep with them. I was told that a family member could bring you a bottle following their rules and regulations. Saline was on commissary list at that ime 5/09 for about $4.99. but was not being sold any longer for legal reasons. Long story short I stayed in Bexar County for 5 months and suffered effects of leaving my daily wear contacts 24/7. Had several corneal abrasions cause by the contacts being dirty with protein build up. That is a serious infection that can or will lead to blindness or the loss of an eye…