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Claitor Comments on 2012 Abilene Sheriff Story

Mar 4th, 2012 | Category: Conditions in County Jails, Taylor County

The Abilene Reporter ran a piece that provides a forum for Sheriff Les Bruce (above left) , who describes the superiority of the Abliene jailers over Houston jailers. This link takes you to the Shameless Promotion of Sheriff Bruce story. Here is the comment sent to the paper by TJP’s Director.

Your story (“Sheriff: Texas Jailers’ Errors Rare”) about the outstanding record for jail staff at Taylor County Jail baffled many of us. This jail is actually notorious and has been repeatedly criticized for its mistreatment of people incarcerated there. In 2011, former inmates and families of two inmates who died in custody filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Les Bruce and other jail employees. Jailers are accused of neglecting medical needs, harassing inmates and supplying illegal drugs. In 2010, at a prayer vigil outside the jail, a young woman stepped forward and on videotape tells of bearing a child alone in her cell after jailers repeatedly ignored her requests for help. (see Lisa Gave Birth Alone in Taylor County Cell which is on texasjailproject.org)

In 2008, Texas Jail Project awarded the Taylor County Jail the “Texas Hellhole Award” as a result of over 200 complaints being uncovered at the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. In 2006, Chaplain Lance Hunter Voorhees wrote to the Attorney General enumerating the frequent violations of Texas Minimum Jail Standards he witnessed while acting as Chaplain at Taylor County. These violations included corporal punishment, administration of disciplinary action by inmates, deprivation of clothing and of personal hygiene supplies as well as no physical recreation or exercise. Since the article by Denise Blaz seems to be more of an editorial for the sheriff, perhaps you will now give space to critics of the jail and to the sheriff’s opponents in the upcoming election. Thank you.




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