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Woman Dumped Out of Dallas Jail into High Risk Situation

Mar 3rd, 2012 | Category: Dallas County, Lead Article

This story came to Texas Jail Project the very week we learned that Houston was stopping its night time releases. (read about that in the Texas Tribune article)
Lucy G. sent us this account of what happened to her a little more than a year ago:
     “I was taken into custody (a wrongful arrest)  in Carrollton, Texas, which is in Dallas County.
After a night in the horrible CPD jail, I was transferred in a filthy, stinky van in a chain gang with all MALE inmates – all of us chained together and chained to the van while enroute to Lew Sterrett County Jail in Dallas  I was treated very badly for another 10 hours before being released .
Lew Sterrett Jail is in a very rough, bad part of downtown Dallas. I was released from there just after 2:30 AM with no cash on me and a dead cell phone.  I was forced to go outside by the DPD, and I had to try and figure out a way home.  No buses, no cabs, no trains, and many drug dealers and other unsavory people hanging out (Please note – I do not judge anybody – my entire life’s work has been for the homeless, refugees, and helping all of the less fortunate).
One older African-American guy approached me, looked me up and down, noting my nice clothes. He stated he could drive me to Carrollton, a few miles away, for $100. I told him no way, he was out of his mind!  Then he went down to $60 and wanted the money upfront.  Fortunately I had that much at home. We went to his taxi and low and behold, some regular junker car barely running.  Taxi Cab Driver- I don’t think so.  I was so upset, tired and wanted to go home that I went ahead and took a chance, but kept aware of every move he made.  He stopped to get gas, and told me to go in and get both of us a Coke, that he always did that for his clients,  and he would pay for it.  I did not budge.  He eventually got me home, but I realize that trip could have had a very different – or even a deadly – ending. It still stuns me that the Dallas jail put me in a position to where  I had to make a very quick, dangerous judgment call. I consider myself lucky, this time.”
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10 years ago

That is a shame. Where are our state representatives. They need to change the laws.

10 years ago

A state law should be changed so this practice can stop. These jails need to stop treating people like animals. Discharging people in the middle of night is a crime against humanity. This is third world behavior…..we are supposed to be a CIVILIZED society.

10 years ago

That’s the police* for you. In their eyes your are guilty until proven innocent. To them this gives them the right to physically, mentally, and otherwise abuse you (including kicking you out at 2:30am in a bad part of town. They knew what they were doing and get a kick out of it. If we are presumed innocent until proven guilty, then we should be treated as such.