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Grimes County Sheriff Website Provides Good Info

Apr 26th, 2012 | Category: Grimes County

If you are looking for answers to questions about your county jail, you may not find much on their website and many Texans report finding it very difficult to get any answers on the phone, because they never can get a real person on the line!

On the other hand, Grimes County has a helpful website that even explains how to make a complaint and exactly what information they need from you when you report a complaint. Plus information about visitation and depositing money for inmates and how to send books or other materials. This site could be a great model for other counties who wanted to really serve the needs of all citizens.

Please check their  amazingly clear and complete Frequently Asked Questions page:

They even try to address common questions from frustrated relatives of inmates that really cannot be answered, e.g.

“An inmate went to court today and the Judge said he/she was going to be released, why has the jail not released them yet?
We are required to have court documents in hand prior to an inmates release on disposed of court cases.  Depending on the docket size and/or the work backlog at the clerk’s office, there can be a delay in the jail receiving the required documents.  Once the documents are in hand, the release process can begin if the inmate is also clear of all other charges.”


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