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Kitchen brawl leaves Angelina county jail inmate nearly blind

Apr 18th, 2012 | Category: Angelina County

By Francesca Washington – Posted: Apr 10, 2012KLTV , Lufkin, Texas

Charles Evans. Photo Source: Angelina County Jail.
–A brawl at the Angelina County Jail could bring more charges against a man already in jail on forgery charges.Last Tuesday, fists flew in the kitchen area as one trustee attacked another.Jail officials say Demetrick Erwin hit Charles Evans in the face.

Until that point, the men had been trusted to do work both inside and outside the jail.

“Any time we have any crime that occurs in our facility, the jail staff contacts law enforcement and we send over a deputy and we treat it as any other crime,” said James Galloway, Chief Deputy.

Evans mother told us off-camera, she thinks her son could permanently lose his vision and should be released.

Charles Evans is out on bond during his hospital stay.

“Now the fact that Evans was in our care at that point in time, we take care of all the hospital bills for the family, it doesn’t change the crime he committed to get in her,” said Galloway.

Chief Deputy James Galloway says Erwin has already been charged with aggravated assault in the brawl.

“We investigate and if we can show, and we feel like we’ll be able to, that the actor committed a crime, we’ll file charges on him and he’ll be prosecuted,” said Galloway.

Evans was booked into jail March 2nd for a probation violation.

His mother says she’s talking to lawyers about suing the state for his release.

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