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Second Conroe Suicide in Two Months

Jun 29th, 2012 | Category: Lead Article, Montgomery County

bNancy Flake, June 26, 2012 12:20 pm | Your Houston News

A Conroe man who has been in the Montgomery County Jail for the past year and was set to go to trial in July for the alleged stabbing of his wife was found dead in his cell Monday, officials said.

Pedro “Pete” Noboa, 40, was discovered as jail employees were making rounds after 6 p.m. Monday with a bed sheet around his neck. He was being held in a one-man cell, according to a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office press release.

MCSO deputies arrested Noboa June 8, 2011 for allegedly assaulting and stabbing his wife, according to the release. He was indicted in September for first-degree felony aggravated assault with a weapon resulting in serious bodily injury of a family member and could have faced up to life in prison if convicted.

Noboa was set to go to trial July 23, said Michael McDougal, Noboa’s appointed attorney.

“I thought it was a decent case,” McDougal said. “I was kind of looking forward to the trial.

McDougal said he was waiting on a doctor’s written psychiatric report on Noboa, but he had met with Noboa “many times” and said he never saw any signs of depression.

Noboa’s death is currently under investigation by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit, the Texas Rangers and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

Another Montgomery County Jail inmate died in May after hanging himself inside of his cell. Johnny Isabel Valdez Jr., 31, who was jailed for a misdemeanor theft, was found hanging in his cell during a routine cell check, officials previously said. An MCSO deputy found Valdez hanging by a sheet that he had tied around his neck.



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9 years ago

Yeah these inmates did NOT commit suicide they where murdered by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies and Detention Officers! Point black this is the truth and The Texas Rangers are only there to cover up these murders. My brother James Mitchell was Brutely Murdered by these same very people on March 24, 2003. My family has been trying to expose the corruption that goes on in Montgomery County! We have gone after the newly elected County Attorney J.D. Lambright. The State Bar of Texas has investigated J.D. Lambright and has found wrong doing in my brothers case. He was our attorney at the time over the brutal murder of my brother. He sabotaged my brothers case again Montgomery County in order to win an elected office. Now J.D. Lambright will have a hearing and he will have to defend is corrupt actions!

Cissy Wakat-Aikins
Facebook: Cissy Mitchell Wakat

Alexandra Shipula
8 years ago

yes, I was in Montgomery County Jail in 4/2005. I received 10 years probation on June 15, 2005. I was to be released to go to Rehab with my kids but was illegally kept there until Sept 14, 2005. My ex’s girlfriend worked in Central Jail Records and kept me there. This place is a cesspool. The Montgomery County Sherriff’s office and Conroe PD cover up sex crimes against children (my children and look up Emma Thompson ( a 4 yr old who was killed by a man named Lucas Coe in June 2009)> IT is outrageous that there is NO ONE who is willing to root out this major pool of corruption, sex selling and meth distribution in CONROE and surrounding areas. Watch out. and stay out of Montgomery County.

laura gann
8 years ago

Cissy, saw your wordpress.com Those photos should be shown too.

9 years ago

My ex is at this jail awaiting trial. It warms my heart knowing how messed up this place is.

9 years ago

How very tragic. My father committed suicide in the Galveston county jail in august of 1985

James Mitchell death – found on internet | Montgomery County, TX
8 years ago

[…] Anonymous says: December 19, 2012 at 4:19 pm […]

John Paul Ebarb
7 years ago

I have been trying to find out what happen to John Paul Ebarb?They say say he hung himself in MCJ but I cant find find anything about his death can someone please help me? I need closure..