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A Correctional Officer Comments on Conditions

Jul 3rd, 2012 | Category: Conditions in County Jails
A jailer wrote to us, telling us of positive changes at the jail we were all concerned about.  This account has to be anonymous to respect the privacy and protect the job of this correctional officer. We hope to hear from more jailers.

“There have been so many good changes since you and the chaplains and the newspaper complained and let people know.

The staff at the jail now treat prisoners better….they are afraid to treat them like they use to!

They used to put people in cells that were very cold with no blanket or mattress, but now they  never do that any more because they know they will be exposed….you made them see that they had to treat people better, that they couldn’t get away with what they were doing.

They use to treat me very disrespectfully, like I was retarded or something….but after  all of it came out,  they now know that they can’t treat me like that.  There was just a man arrested with mental problems and I was able to make them take care of him and be sure he was fed and warm and treated right, but they would not have listened to me  before.  I just talked to JJ (an ex-inmate)  and she told me all her new job and how she works at a church now. You and the others  really made a difference in her life. Everything is different because you made them treat people different….”

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9 years ago

Thank God for this organization!

9 years ago

Reflections of a career working in a Prison http://bit.ly/S7N4UC

7 years ago

I don’t think that it should be dceudted from the inmates accounts because this isn’t money they are earning. This is money their families or friends are putting in there which means it is not the inmate paying what they owe but the family/friends who are paying it. If the inmate is on work release then yes it should be dceudted.