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Texas County Jails: Look at the PRIDE Program

Aug 10th, 2012 | Category: Lead Article, Travis County

Travis County Jail has developed model programs to help inmates turn their lives around. One reason for that is that Sheriff Hamilton makes this a priority, and another reason is that the people of Travis county fund, through their taxes, several important positions at the jail–employees who create and coordinate classes and training for inmates. This is a smart use of tax dollars that will save all of us money in the long run, while helping preserve families and lower recidivism rates.

The PRIDE program* for non-violent women prisoners has to be one of the best with non profits and talented volunteers teaching and counseling the women in many ways. Here is a brief description and below that is a link to a page about all their programs.

*PRIDE – People Recognizing the Inherent Dignity of Everyone

Duration: Approximately 6 weeks,  (Females Only)

Time: Daily, with classes starting at 8:30 AM.  

With the intent of lessening intergenerational incarceration, the mission of PRIDE is to assist

incarcerated Travis County women in building stronger relationships with their children and families.

This is accomplished by providing information addressing physical, emotional,

and spiritual needs.  Examples of daily classes include Parenting, Domestic/Sexual 

Violence, Money Management, and Women’s Health.  A certificate is 

awarded upon completion.  Before admission, participants must complete any

other ongoing classes.  Once enrolled in PRIDE, participants must attend all 

classes to complete program.    

*Students may not be enrolled in other classes while attending PRIDE, 

due to time conflicts. 

*Participants may be eligible for one contact visit per month. 

*May only be a trustee upon completion of the program (not during).  

****Participants in PACT, PRIDE, and Cradles must meet criteria of: 

No charges involving children or current family violence charges**** 

Info on Travis County Jail Programs for inmates
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