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Pretrial Holding Hell in Bexar

Aug 1st, 2012 | Category: Bexar County

This is from a great site in San Antonio called Bexar County Jail: an UNOFFICIAL information website: http://www.thebexarcountyjail.com

Their mission is much like ours in terms of helping families. Their site states: “If anyone has ever tried to find out information from the Bexar County Jail you will understand why a site like this is needed.” Texas needs one of these in every county! Texas Jail Project would love to establish contact with them, but haven’t had any luck.

This interview with John, Colby, Nikki, Lea, Hollywood, Woody and Raquel was excerpted from their site.

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
John: It was long, slow, and boring. You are mixed in with murders, drunks, everybody.You often get hungry, thirsty, and it just sucks.
Colby: 3 month wait to see a Judicial Court Judge 290th.
Nikki: before you are sent to a cell to spend your time in bexar co. jail, you have to go through a processing that could take up to 24 hours and it is the worst irritating, depressing, and tiring experience. The officers in booking and processing seem to be burned out, some of them are very rude and annoyed by the incoming inmates. I was taken to a little holding cell that said Max. occupancy 8 above the door, but they crammed about 12-16 of us in there. It also had a sign above the door telling us that the holding cells are cleaned every 2 hours, but I was in there for at least 10 hours, and it wasn’t cleaned once!

there is no toilet paper, you have to ask a guard for some and they only give you a little bit. You might get fed and you might not, depending on the shift and if you are transferred. If you are lucky enough to get fed, it is only a stale sandwhich with what looks like some old slice of turkey which I wasn’t sure was even edible… and 2 soggy generic cookies with a kindergarten size carton of orange drink that I finished in 2 swallows. It was so over crowded and stinky in these holding cells, some are very cold and alot of girls are laying on the floor, and some are sleeping next to the toilet because there is no room. we all have to walk over the ones on the floor and we all have ankle cuffs on, except for the girls who are being released.

Lea: I had no pre – sentencing, picked up from my house taken straight to jail for a warrant on vilolating my probation ONCE.
Hoyllwood: I was brought into the dirtiest place I’d ever seen in my life. I was yelled at to take off all jewelry and my shoe laces. Treated like a convict over a misdemeanor, I was thrown around and yelled at my entire stay. The holding cells were cold and dirty. Everyone was mad at everyone else in the cell but the one thing they all had in common was that they were all mad at the police more. I was sat in a room full of women who had tried to kill their boyfriends, women who stole, and many more things. Next to me in the detox tank was a woman that had pee’d on herself and was crying and begging for clean clothes or anything. Across the way was a woman that I was sure didn’t like me. She would lift her shirt and press her breasts against the window and give a middle finger to the people in my cell.

I tried to curl up in a ball for warmth but nothing helped. When I had to use the restroom I was told that I had to ask for toilet paper. When I did, I was denied. I had to beg one of my cellmates for a piece. minutes began to feel like hours from the get go. Finally when it was time for me to see the majestry, my name was called, so I walked up and as soon and I was close enough to the officer, he grabbed my arm very hard and pulled me out of the cell. I was then shackled to other prisoners and walked to a wierd room where I was to see a judge.
Woody: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
John: No, they never came to question. They just came to pick me up.
Colby: No
Nikki: no, they stopped by to pick me up at 10 am for a warrant
Lea: They stopped by with cuffs to take me to jail, no bond on mtr (motion to revoke) my probation.
Hoyllwood: No. I was at a shopping mall and instead of questioning what happened they arrested me on false charges.
Woody: nope

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
John: Stressful and short and humiliating. They put me in shackles for a misdemeanor.
Raquel: I went to court about 5-6 times before I was actually sentenced. This is not the norm, just my experience. The holding area is very cold. You just wait for long periods and you get a cold sandwich and either an apple or orange to eat while you wait. Very boring- just like being in jail.
Colby: In my bright orange
Nikki: I waited in a locked room next to the court room for an officer to get me and take me inside the court room, I had on ankle cuffs.
Hoyllwood: Embarrassing. I was cold and shivering and I was the only female in the line-up. All the other guys were making me feel really awkward and you get no chance to explain your situation at all.
Woody: never made it

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1 Comment
6 years ago

I was brought in on a misdemeanor and I tripped on shackles and me and the officer colided and hit heads together I was charged with assault on public servent with bodily injury and I was beaten till I was bruised so bad they had to lock me in a cell till I healed they refused me medical attention and I was sentenced to 5 years for this