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Abilene People Fight the System and Win!

Mar 12th, 2013 | Category: Families Speak Out, Taylor County

 “I would just like to tell everyone out there that there is hope and we can change things if we  stand up and never give up, no matter if it takes awhile and with alot of determination, it can be  done. I have fought corruption in Taylor County and we did get JUSTICE, not only for my son  but others that were in the Taylor County Jail. It was a long and hard fight, but with the  determination that I had and the help of someone who is a hero to me, chaplain Lance  Voorhees, we  saw  justice. And thanks to Texas Jail Project! TJP came to Abilene when i  contacted Diana.  She and  a group of TJP members drove up here and talked to citizens of Taylor County. They gave us great pointers. Diana contacted several organizations like the Commissoners of Texas Jail Standards, and several more. She got the story about the wrong doings going on in the jail in the AP. TJP helped pave the road to JUSTICE.  TJP has some great information for people as myself to go agsinst corruption in the jails all throughout Texas.

We filed 4 lawsuits and we won them, with the help of our great lawyer Alicia Butler. I just want to tell everyone, please never give up, if you do then there will be no justice. Many times i ran into brick walls, so i just went around and found what i needed. There will be alot of obstacles in the road to justice, but they can be moved. If i can help anyone, please contact me at kobyj2004@yahoo.com. And thank you again TJP, you are an awesome group.”
Cheryl Freeman-Eubank

IF YOU WANT TO READ A STORY ABOUT THE LAWSUIT, click here for our posting under Taylor County.


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9 years ago

My name is Greta Parks I lost a dear friend James Hankins who had been in Texas Bowie County jail for 12 days. After about 6 days there he started to complain of severe pain vomiting blood he died from a perforated ulcer and peritonitis. He was denied medical care and left an SOS note with fellow inmate the night of his death indicating he was in dire straights. We had no idea he was this ill he was found by laundry personnel the am of his death.

We need direction can you please advise name of good law firm to help us.


9 years ago

I will be starting a Face Book Page today….WE ALL MUST STOP THIS…….James Hankins was a HUMAN BEING. ANIMALS in shelters get better treatment. If this would have happened to an Animal by any of us or at some Animal Clinic they would be arrested….My email is hilda.coxe@att.net. Please write me and let me know if you are interested in helping me with the Face Book Page….I can tell you right NOW my Husband will DIE in the next few days or weeks if I don’t do something for him NOW….I’ll explain to you……..This is URGENT….Thank you and God Bless…….R.I.P. James Hankins and Nathan Pierce…WE WILL DO WHATEVER WE NEED TOO…We are so SORRY you and others weren’t given the CARE and RESPECT every HUMAN BEING DESERVED.

9 years ago

I’m not trying to argue or be obutse. I’m a guest at your blog and I appreciate the opportunity to voice my opinion. And I do understand the irony in situations where it’s “worse” to talk sex with a minor than to have sex with one. But comparing these cases is problematic because they are at different stages. In all likelihood, the original charges in the Florida case could have resulted in a sentence of far more length than the defendant actually received.Of course, it would be ironic if the maximum penalty in Florida for having sex with a minor were substantially less than the maximum penalty in Texas for talking sex with a minor. But that would also suggest Texas takes sexual conduct with a minor much more seriously than does Florida, and I doubt that’s the case.