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TJP Message to Gregg County:

Mar 27th, 2013 | Category: Gregg County

21800227_BG1a. Consider changing everything. People being held in your jail for whatever reason should not be subjected to a death sentence because of your policies, practices, and your jail doctor. No matter if you disagree with what meds inmates had been taking or how they took them, people incarcerated there have a constitutional right to life. As it stands now, your Dr. Lewis Browne, your list of allowable drugs and your protocol of dealing with a human being in withdrawal leads to death. Heckuva job, Browne.

b. Consider finding another way to subdue a person in medical crisis than by using a Taser on them. If not, think about how it will look when the U.N. comes in to investigate inhumane practices in Gregg County.

c. Consider how your solution to “the Madewell problem” could be used as a teachable moment. Maybe that will be some consolation to his mother.

TJP to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards:
a. You have reminded us that counties have complete control over medical treatment and drugs provided. Maybe you could consider developing a workaround on that?

b. Perhaps consider addressing how using a Taser on a person in withdrawal fits a safe use of force policy. Isn’t that under your purview?

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9 years ago

Gregg County jail is run by inhumane and barbaric creatures. Common sense and decency does not reside there. My daughter’s death was so senseless it is even hard to comprehend that living in this great land of ours that it could even be tolerated. Even though this is basically over…My nightmares are not. Living in my own head is a daily struggle. It is not that hard these days to be put in jail…unpaid tickets…hot checks…Everyone has had them…Beware and hope to God it is not Gregg County that gets you. If you are on medication that is vital to your health…you may not make it. My daughter was not a criminal…she died like an animal at the hands of Gregg County. Rest In Peace…My Beautiful Amy.

9 years ago

I know that jail is inhuman. I know one day all of the staff that have took part in the cold hearted torture that they treat the inmates with will have to face God and answer for their criminal behavior.

8 years ago

My son just served several days in the Gregg County Jail and was not given a band with a number therefore he was not fed the whole time and this is unbelievable to me. This is unacceptable and people could die for things like that and it makes me wonder who all they have done this way. I am not going to take this lying down. Someone has to do something.

Someone with a situation much like your daughter Amy's! !
8 years ago

This msg is left for the mother of Amy Cowling. I just went thru a situation much like your daughter’s in Harrison Co. TX. There was actually someone there with me that had been there with your Amy. She is the only reason I made it! I truly believe that! Would love to speak with u!