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Should Senator Carona Keep County Jails in his Bill?

Apr 22nd, 2013 | Category: TJP Newsletter


It is now estimated that more than a quarter of all the inmates held in county jails in Texas are mentally ill people in need of treatment or hospitalization! 
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Texas Jail Project Alert:
April 2013

Texas Jail Project

Why Not Look at County Jails Too?

Can you call a Texas Senator’s office and voice your opinion? There is a good bill, Senate Bill 1003, that calls for a review–for an expert to look at how prisons and county jails use solitary confinement, especially on inmates with mental illness. The Sheriffs Association of Texas rode into the Senate hearing and demanded that they leave out county jails–despite the fact that increasing numbers of mentally ill inmates are held for long periods in county jails. The sheriffs seem to be against this study by a third party simply because it would mean answering questions. But it seems that Senator Carona, author of SB 1003, is listening to the sheriffs and may remove county jails from the bill.
Please contact Senator Carona’s office today to voice your opinion: do county jails need to stay in SB 1003?
Call the Austin office at (512) 463-0116 or the Dallas office at (214) 378-5751 and let them know, ASAP. 

New Topic on the TJP Website

There is new helpful information and a PDF for those who want to send a “Freedom of Information” letter, so they can get documents or reports from counties and county jails. Look at the right sidebar on the Texas Jail Project website under Jail Information, where it says “How to Ask for Records from a Jail or County”
Can you give us feedback or help us by collecting more information on this topic? Please email help@texasjailproject.org
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The Texas Jail Project was formed in 2006 to call attention to the widespread abuse and neglect of some 67,000 women and men in approximately 247 county facilities in Texas.

On average, 63% of the inmates in local jails are pre-trial detainees (not yet convicted) and many are there because of mental illness, homelessness, or poverty. TJP helps families report problems to the right people to get action; we publicize inmates’ stories and we work to support positive llegislation that will help jails ensure better conditions of confinement.

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