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Surprise Inspection of Dawson County Jail

Jun 15th, 2013 | Category: Dawson County

Lamesa Press Reporter

An inspector with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards paid a surprise visit to Dawson County Jail on Tuesday, May 7, to conduct the annual state inspection of that facility.

That inspection did not turn up any surprises for the jail staff or the Dawson County Sheriff Office.

“There were no deficiencies noted by the inspector,” Sheriff Kent Parchman said, “which is what I always like to see.”

Although the inspection is conducted annually, Sheriff Parchman said the actual timing of the inspection was a complete surprise to the jail staff.

The sheriff said in the five years he has been in office there has been no advance notice that the inspection was coming up. In past years, he said, the jail would be notified about a month in advance of the inspection although the actual date of the inspection was not revealed.

“Now, we don’t receive any advance notice,” Sheriff Parchman said. “But, we are ready for the inspector any time that they want to come.”

The sheriff commended his jail administrator, assistant administrator and all of the jail staff for keeping the jail in top condition on a daily basis.

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