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We ask San Antonio: how is the jail now?

Jan 10th, 2014 | Category: Bexar County, Lead Article

BEXAR COUNTY describes their diversion programs to keep people out of jail:

“Bexar County Adult Probation has a wide range of assistance and evaluation programs for all cases and probationers. These include the Treatment Alternative to Incarceration Program, the Mental Impairment Unit Caseload Program, the Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility and the Surveillance of Adult Felons in their Environment unit.

Texas Jail Project also asks you to tell us of any experience with any of the Bexar County diversion programs: info@texasjailproject.org

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Here is the scoop on Electronic Monitoring & GPS, from the Bexar County Jail–UNOFFICIAL Information Website, a great source of info.

The Electronic Monitoring and GPS programs are part of pretrial services (the same area that handles PR bonds).  These are court ordered programs.  The judge decides the level of supervision the individual will receive.  There are three levels of supervision.

Full House Arrest means 24 hour monitoring.  Partial House Arrest means an individual is tracked to and from work or school.  For this type of monitoring the individual has to give the officers his work/school schedule.  They will check to see if he did go to work/school.  The last type is Restricted Area.  This type of monitoring checks to make sure the individual stays out of the area designated as restricted.

Both types of supervision require the individual to have a permanent address.  If he is not the owner of the place he lives at the owner will have to sign a consent form before the individual can use the program.  For Electronic Monitoring, a home phone is required in addition to a permanent address.

GPS monitoring costs $300 a month.  Electronic Monitoring costs $270 a month.  They will only accept cash or money orders.  Bexar County Pretrial Services has their own collections department that will take the payment.  For more information contact 210-335-8930.



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