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Wilco family got jail info from TJP’s site

Mar 25th, 2014 | Category: Families Speak Out, Nueces County, Williamson County

Williamson County family says that TJP’s website is gold!

Thank you so much for all of this information.  I truly appreciate the work put into making this webpage available.  My husband is currently in Williamson County TX Jail and I was so unsure of many things.  I was able to get the answers to 95% of my questions here.  Again Thank You.

Regarding Nueces County Jail:

I’m a 50ish business man who did something stupid and got arrested for the first time in my life. Bail Bond Company processed my bond immediately and got it over to the jail, I was let out 10 hours later. By then I was standing outside in the cold waiting for a ride.

My friend called the jail several times trying to get information and was treated rudely. Inside, we were processed by people I wouldn’t trust my dog with–first time I ever heard a sheriff say “Mother F**ker”. Open complaining about other staff, certainly rude to the people being processed. We had 16 guys in a large holding cell. Then it was increased to 20 and the only way to not sit on the metal bench seat was to lay down on the floor.

Filthy is too kind of term for this place. I got no food the first time around because I was being processed. Nobody explains a thing to you, no questions, staff busy clowning around at times. They are careful to put their pen light in scanner to “prove” they are checking cells at certain intervals but they NEVER even look in the holding cells. Process drags on all day, you are moved from cell to cell, prints etc. The final release of those bonded out is a joke. They do it all at once starting at 8:00pm which happens to be an hour from the last bus outside.* Took forever because this has to be the most inefficient way to process this. One person doing all the prep and discharging. Seems to me they could be doing this as bonds come in but they are not.

Very cold with some people in tank tops and some in bare feet. Totally unsanitary. Toilets have a water fountain on top, sanitary, right? Water from fountains shoot onto floor, people track dirt and water around in bare feet, socks and shoes. I don’t plan to have that experience again. Feel sorry for those who have had it at all or more than once.


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