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When your mentally ill loved one is incarcerated

Mar 20th, 2014 | Category: Uncategorized

As soon as person with mental disorders is arrested, family or friends should:

• Immediately write a letter  requesting that your relative be screened for placement in the mental health unit. Look up the fax number on the jail’s website so you can send or fax the letter. You will need to include

o Full legal name

o Date of birth

o Booking number

o Location

• In the body of the letter include:

o His/her diagnosis

o His/her psychiatrist’s name, phone number, and address

o The medications that are prescribed for your family member by name, dosage, and time of day to be administered

o Whether a particular medication has proven to be ineffective or has dangerous and/or uncomfortable side effects

o Any history of suicide attempts/threats or other violent intentions in the recent past. Briefly describe the events and when they occurred.

o Any other urgent medical conditions that might require immediate attention, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, seizures, heart problems, etc., and medications currently prescribed for those conditions. Include his/her medical doctor’s name, address, and phone number for verification purposes. The medical information you provide is tremendously valuable in making an assessment and will help the mental health staff select the best treatment for your relative. There is a clear preference for maintaining effective current treatment. However, the Jail Mental Health staff must conduct its own assessment of your relative’s condition and may not necessarily prescribe exactly the same medications.

• IMPORTANT: Do NOT discuss any impending charges against your family member in this letter. Medical information only! If you don’t have a fax, go to an office supply store or printing business that will fax it for you, like 

• Keep a copy of this fax for future reference. If your family member is transferred to a different facility, you will need to fax this information again.

• On the cover page, indicate whether your relative has provided you with a written confidentiality waiver. If your relative has not previously done so, ask that he/she be asked to sign one while in jail. The Jail Mental Health staff is prohibited by law from giving anyone information about a client’s status unless they have the client’s consent, but the staff can receive information from relatives or friends without the client’s consent.

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6 years ago

my son was found hanging in the Brazoria county jail 08/14/2015 so they say his name was harry lee tumlinson th3 why

6 years ago

So sorry for your loss. Tarrant Co is inhumane. Inmates need help!!!!! I have a story but will private message. Medical negate, mental abuse, refusal of medical help wven when begging for help. So much is wrong there, I felt like a dog in a huge kennel. Gards are so mean, not compassionate, font give grievances, rack you for no reason, etc etc. They’re were three nice ones out of 20. Woman are cutting their wrists just,to get their medications:( I’m one of the woman who never got medical help 🙁 if you have a loved one in Tarrant county, HELP THEM. I HEARD ABOUT TEXAS JAIL PROJECTS FROM ANOTHER IMMATE THAT GOT HELP QUICKLY BECAUSE HER MOTHER USED THIS ORGANIZATION TO HELP HER GET HER MEDICAL TREATMENT. GOD BLESS TJP!!!!!!

Loretta Wolfington
5 years ago

I am Harry’s sister and I have a copy of his death certificate. There was so much covered up about my brother’s death is unreal.