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Thursday, Aug. 7th: Jail Standards quarterly meeting

Jul 9th, 2014 | Category: Families Speak Out, Montgomery County

Texas Commission on Jail Standards quarterly meeting, next week, August 7th, 9 am….Public input is brief and just after the beginning at 9:00 am. You sign up and can speak for 3 to 5 minutes max! They will listen and not comment.  If you would like to express concern about pregnant women in county jails, you are welcome to join us there.  Texas Jail Project staff will comment about Nicole and Jessica. Here is the meeting notice: http://www.tcjs.state.tx.us/index.php?linkID=130


In MOCO deal, you sign away your rights

Montgomery County families report that their young people are being pressured into deferred adjudication and a drug treatment program only to find it enormously expensive—and then the families have to pay and pay. And listen to these requirements: “Participant agrees to submit his person, property, place of residence, vehicle, personal effects, to search at anytime, with or without a search warrant, warrant of arrest by any probation officer or law enforcement officer.” And “Participant agrees to waive a record on all progress hearings.” So this is the way our justice system works?

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Mother of MOCO inmate
6 years ago

My son is an inmate in Montgomery county since the middle of 2013. He reports the food as being very bad; 1 day a week they get a meat pattie & the rest of week a fake meat nicknamed dog food mixed with potatoes rice or pasta. Extremely bad food; he can hardly stand it.
He had a sore on arm so went to infirmary. they wiped with alcohol, put a dab of Neosporin & band aid and he was charged $10-12 from his commissary.
On another day, I got there at 4:10 to visit him, and that was time to have 2 visits of 20 min. each. Guard made me wait till 4:35. When my visit ended was stuck behind locked gate till 5:12 Someone had walked up 4:58 & he let them have a visit but when he opened the gate for me I asked can I have a second visit since my 1st visited ended 4:55 He said no. It is very hard to only get 20 minutes.


My son was there before going to TDCJ for a first time offense. He is almost finished with his time. He has finished earring his degree in TDCJ. This is our first experience with the justice system and I have found the prison experience was better for him to handle than county jail. Sad state. We have since moved and sold our home so he will not be paroled into montgomery county. Also, I have heard way too many stories about the men in black drug squad doing illegal searches of people and planting evidence to get them to agree to a charge.
I am really naive where all this is concerned but we are suppose to have rights.I can say I for one have never in my life done a drug but zi do not trust them to search my car.