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Ban the Box: people with records working out well

Aug 23rd, 2014 | Category: Reports

By Manuel La Fontaine

As the movement to Ban the Box (BTB) –  – continues to grow, the question remains: does banning the box actually help people with conviction records get employment? 

Now Durham city and county government in North Carolina have answered that question, with impressive results since banning the box in 2011. The hiring rates have quadrupled, growing from 2.2% in 2011, to 4.5 in 2012, to 9.0% in 2013. Thus far in 2014, 15% of total city hires were people with records.

What’s even more impressive is that these gains have been made without any increases in workplace crimes – there have been no termination of new hires in the city and county as a result of illegal conduct.

Hence, the effectiveness of BTB can be measured if the jurisdiction adopting the new policies has the willingness to hire people with records and can implement a system of collecting hiring data without compromising public safety.

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Linda Pugh
7 years ago

The public needs to be aware that we are not the compassionate country in the world and the incarcerated are not treated humanely. Medical care is below poor and abusive treatment is “treatment de jour” in the United States. Inmates are never believed and guards and medical personnel lie their behinds off and never have to face consequences for their actions. If we really want to do something about abusive behavior towards Inmates the make Prison staffs responsible for their action and have an outside oversight committee of citizens not rubber stamps and the wrongdoings to Inmates is swept under the rug and they are never made to face consequences for their misdeeds. I support an “Outside Overview Committe” that is void of Prison Staff and Correctional Medical Health Services.
A”All Inmates Are Not Liars and All Liars Are Not Inmates”, Inmate Assistance Leagues, Linda Pugh and Karen Damico.

Linda Pugh
7 years ago

Texas Commission on Jail standards is questionable because it is known that the Medical Director for American Jail Standards sits on the Board and naturally Harris is never guilty of any wrong doing only I can name several at this time and also the United States turned the results and law changes over to American Jail Standards and the Executive Director of Texas Department of Criminal Justice sits on that Board. So basically the Prison Administration is investigating themselves and that being true if everyone were allowed to investigate themselves there would be no need for prison and these folks would be out of $300,000.00 and $400,000.00 jobs that don’t even looks at an Inmate and don’t care what goes down. We need an Outside Oversight Review and I would gladly accept that position as would Karen Damico then we would see consequences for wrongdoings and we would truly investigate and we would see change.