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My son: a Marine veteran in solitary

Aug 28th, 2014 | Category: Families Speak Out
“My son Adan is in solitary confinement. Why? Because the jail considers that is the “safest” way to hold someone with a medical/mental condition. I was told that is for his good and the good of others. He does not have the opportunity to eat or mingle with other inmates. He has been in solitary confinement for over 3 years, awaiting trial in the Comal County Jail.
Time after time there are postponements and trial cancellations.
“He is allowed to go outside at least once a week. The lights are kept on in the jail from some time before breakfast time at 5 a.m. until about 11 p.m. The majority of the time is spent under florescent light,
Adan does not sleep well, especially since he cannot tell if it is night or day, nor can he tell what day it is.
There are no educational programs in Comal County (GED, higher education, etc). There is a portable cart of donated books that gets moved through the cells periodically. If the inmates are asleep when it goes by, they have lost their chance to  pick up a book.
Inmates can sign up to get on a computer to do research on an online law library. Adan says it is a lengthy process.”
These are the conditions of confinement for a 28 year old  Marine Corps veteran who served his country to the best of his ability, but has been forgotten as he developed mental health challenges  as a result of his service to  his country.
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1 Comment
Linda Pugh
6 years ago

My husband is a Veteran and was sprayed with Agent orange and has many illnesses and conditions including cancer. He is in jail because he had a heart attack (from the AO and had an accident with a woman not wearing her seat belt and her air bags did not deploy thus was killed. An HPD Officer had medical records deleted and now then they said (after 7 months and receiving no citations that he had a seizure and did not obey doctors orders, not true. Prosecutor lied and I have photos to prove this and the judge has since been forced to step down off the bench for abuse. What a country!!