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National report matches our reports from Texas families

Oct 20th, 2014 | Category: Conditions in County Jails

The excerpt is from a new “shadow report” to the UN:

“Survivors Speak: Prisoner Testimonies of Torture in United States Prisons and Jails”

“The American Friends Service Committee submitted a “shadow report” to the Committee outlining inhumane conditions in prisons and jails that call into question U.S. implementation of its commitments under CAT.   Survivors Speak is a collection of testimonies of prisoners subjected to cruel treatment or who have witnessed abuses committed against others while held in U.S. custody.  Violations of human rights include inadequate health care and medical treatment, placement in solitary confinement, sexual and physical abuse, psychological abuse, and unsanitary housing.”




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melissa billings

would like to have a mailing address to mail a letter from an inmate that has been going through a good bit of abuse in the past few months.


My daughter is currently being housed at plane state. She accidentally fell and fractured her ankle while getting out of the shower. On the night of the incident she was taken to medical to be checked and was told that at the least she had a sprain. Was not issued crutches and sent back to her dorm. After begging all weekend up until 5 days after the incident her ankle became worse. She could not walk or put any pressure on it. Finally after someone (thank goodness) paid attention she was taken to medical for an xray. By this point… Read more »