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MOCO letter reveals flawed medical plan

Nov 24th, 2014 | Category: Conditions in County Jails, Montgomery County

People in Montgomery county have reported to us for years that their jail doesn’t provide enough medical personnel or services to those incarcerated there—even when the person needs immediate care! While that’s long been the case, it wasn’t until recently that they got called on it. The official memo states “On February 9, 2015, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Jail facility was found to be out of compliance with its state approved health services plan by failing to follow medical service referral procedures or provide efficient and prompt care for acute situations.”

“The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Jail Administration worked with the private service provider, Correct Care Solutions, which provides medical services for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Jail. A plan was implemented to come into compliance with the state approved health care service plan. This plan included response to medical request in the jail and increased staff to address medical services in the jail.”

“The Texas Commission of Jail Standards recently conducted a re-inspection of the Montgomery County Jail. Any deficiency that was discovered on February 9, 2015, had been corrected and the Montgomery County Jail was in compliance with minimum jail standards.”

Please send us an email  if you know of any continuing problems getting medical care in this jail!


American Friends Urge Serious Reforms

The American Friends Service Committee recommends that this country stop what it’s doing to incarcerated citizens and begin serious reform by taking the following steps.

1. Ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture.

2. Removing a human being from their community, depriving them of human contact, denying them of stimuli and subjecting them to inhumane conditions is cruel. Treating others in this manner denies our shared humanity and fails to honor the Light present in each of us. The use of isolation / solitary confinement must be ended immediately.

3.  Provide conditions of confinement in jails and prisons that align with U.S. domestic laws, protect the U.S. Constitutional rights of prisoners, and are in accordance with international norms and obligations.

4. The U.S. must permit international observers to enter and evaluate centers of confinement. For prisons/jails not under the direct control of the federal government, the U.S. government must actively engage states and localities to facilitate such access. 5

5. Ensure that the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 is immediately implemented in all confinement facilities nationwide to protect those entrusted to their care against sexual violence.

6.Prison and jail personnel should only use the least restrictive response to avert harm to another prisoner or staff.

7. Chemical agents should never be used in prisons and jails. Limitations on mobility and lack of ventilation significantly undermine the safety of all exposed to harmful agents.

8. The State should honor its responsibility to keep those incarcerated safe from harm. This includes abuses at the hands of staff and guards, as well as violence perpetrated among prisoners. A robust monitoring system must be put into place to honor this obligation that also includes accountability mechanisms for all perpetrators of abuses.

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