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When do you call on the feds to investigate?

Jan 10th, 2015 | Category: Lead Article

1810287044_1392551387That is why Texas Jail Project’s spent weeks on a report and mailed it off to DC last week.

Because, after listening and reporting the complaints to legislators and to officials in state agencies like the Texas Commission on Jail Standards,  nothing happened and nobody seemed to care. So we put all those stories together and tallied the suicides by young people and described the unexplained injuries that have caused permanent disabilities, and written down the concerns of terrorized families and of worried social workers.

Our small staff could only do so much, but the Department of Justice says they will listen and consider it. When they perceive a pattern of mistreatment, of repeated violations of civil rights and a denial of human rights, the DOJ will sometimes start an investigation. Sometimes.

We can hope, anyway, since our county and Texas state officials can’t be bothered.


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Linda Pugh
7 years ago

Dr. Seale is the head of Harris County Medical Services and I did not receive satisfaction so I wrote to American Jail Standards and when I received a response guess what? At the bottom of the page the Board members are listed and Dr. Seal’s name appears there. There is no way of escaping their clutches and the TDCJ Medical Director is Lannette Linthicum,MD and she is the President of the ACA. There are many TDCJ Directors on Boards of such committees and commissions. A handful of people control all the medical care by having their people on staff and Boards of controlling agencies.

Anita Meeks-Chambers
7 years ago

I wrote to Greg Abbott the AG while he was our AG. This week sending an investigation to Federal DOJ on behalf of Husband who is a 74 yo advanced late stage Lewy Body Dementia patient with other health issues. While held in Grayson County Jail for 7 weeks, he suffered six cranial facial injuries and two injuries to pelvis/legs/ankles plus was restrained to wheelchair by handcuffs on wrists and legs to wheelchair that caused a wound bone deep that became infected and was not treated. After his abuse at Grayson County, his condition was so grave that Ambulance Transport to Rusk State Hospital was required .. where he remains and has ben since April 28th.. with additional abuse and neglect thanks to the less than honest or honorable Judge Jim Fallon. Abboott’s response was basically too bad so sad not my problem. I don’t expect anything less than abuse or ignorance within Texas controlled agencies.

Anita Meeks-Chambers
6 years ago

Have recently discovered that Husband has a femur/hip fracture that is “older”. I suspect injury was caused by his abuse at Grayson County Jail where he received, among other injuries, severe injury to pelvis, lower body, ankles and legs while in custody of Grayson County Jail. If a person is taken to or admitted to a Hospital while in custody of ANY jail, I’d like to see Hospitals required to report these injuries and or suspected abuse to Adult Protective Services and State Agency responsible for oversight of Texas Jails. Also possibly report of incident to a Federal Agency.