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TJP’s Jailhouse Stories Go National

Feb 25th, 2015 | Category: Comal County

On the Nation Inside website, anyone who has been impacted by pretrial detention—held in a jail prior to a trial or release—can upload their own video, audio, or written stories. You will be able to listen to others’ experiences as well. Today, we invite you to check out Maria Anna’s video or other stories and contribute your story here: Nation Inside Jailhouse Stories.

We will be looking for community members in counties all over Texas who are interested in becoming Story Gatherers for Jailhouse Stories. Perhaps your loved one was incarcerated pretrial and you got to know other families going through the same experience. Or maybe you visit your local jail as a volunteer or with a ministry and you’ve gotten to meet people who are waiting long periods of time for their cases to be settled. If you would enjoy helping others in your community post their stories to our Nation Inside campaign, then email us at info@texasjailproject.org for more information on how to become a Story Gatherer in your county.

Thanks to those who have supported us as we get Jailhouse Stories off the ground. We’re looking forward to taking all we’ve learned and expanding in new and promising ways as we work to educate officials, decision makers, and community leaders on how pretrial detention is affecting so many lives all across the Lone Star State.


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1 Comment
Monica Orta
7 years ago

I just wanted to share about my visit on Tuesday May 19,2015 at Lew Steritt Jail. After my visit with my boyfriend I walked towards the elevators little did I know it was not working or stuck. I along with other people who were visiting had to wait about 30 mins nd then the jailer told everyone who was still visiting that they had to go Bc they were locking down the jail. My concern was with the elevator not working why weren’t not allow to take the stairs. By the time someone actually came to the stairway entrance to lets us go down the stairway out the building it had to have been a good 45 minutes. I would hate to b stuck if the building was on fire they did not have any type of emergency exit plans. I strongly believe this is a matter that needs to b looked into. That should of been handled in as an emergency situation rather than waiting for 45 mine for someone to come to the stairway.