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Investigate Sandra’s death!

Sandra Bland

Texas Jail Project Executive Director Diana Claitorbelieves that Texas can do two things to prevent similar deaths in custody. “We need there to be more training of jailers to have the knowledge and temperament to take their role as caretaker very seriously – because the emphasis on security and regimented rules leads to jailers who do not pay attention to the person who may be sick or angry or mentally ill. Jailers need to look after the people in their care as if each was a relative instead of viewing them as the enemy.


Kamp A. 07/21/2015 Murder Investigation Opened in Sandra Bland CaseThe Austin Chronicle.

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Pastor Jim Butler
7 years ago

First let me give my condolences to Sandra Bland,s family.

I am so sick of hearing that these Jailer’s are not being held accountable for neglect.

I can tell you fist hand that prisoner’s are not monitored properly. The are treated like scum and forget proper medical care or more so mental health care.

Are these police, sheriff’s and guards so ignorant that they can’t distinguish the need for mental health care over incarceration?

I noticed while I was in MOCO jail, guards only came by every 30 minutes. That is enough time to die of medial reasons, being attacked by an inmate or to take ones life.

I note that Obama visited federal prison. I say, Mr. President, come and visit Texas City and County jails if you want to see the real hell prisoner’s awaiting trial endure.

I have seen guards use unnecessary force on the mentality I’ll and those intoxicated first hand at MOCO jail.

My Lawyer has urged, even begged me to leave Montgomery County, stating that I am marked by them and eventually the will destroy your life or you will end up dead in that horrid jail.

Just try to get Psych MED’s or ask for mental health help. You won’t get it in MOCO.

I saw the video of Mrs. Bland. That a** of a cop throwing her to the ground then sitting on her. It was appalling.

If people don’t control government, it will control them. The cop that arrested Mrs. Bland is a coward and a liar.

No one should die in custody. There should be a law similar to the ones citizens have to follow that states, if someone is in your care and incapable of helping themselves and you neglect them and they die, you go to jail.

I think every jailer should spend a month locked up in their own jail before being certified. Things might change then.

Citizens stand up and cry for jail
Jail reform Now!

7 years ago

Bland’s family do jot give up on finding out what really happen. I will keep you in my prayers and may God be with you.

Jim Butler
7 years ago

Ditto my friend ditto and Amen…

7 years ago

Jim, so true law enforcement of any kind are seldom held legally accountable. In the rare cases where charges are ever filed they almost always file official oppression. Below is from ” West’s Encyclopedia of American Law”. Note it is a misdemeanor! If they filed the same charges that a civilian has filed; that might slow down their actions. This is just my opinion but one reason for filing this way is to protect the agency officer works for. Charging with a felony would also hold agencies insurance liable for larger civil claims; in the extremely race case where officers or jailers are found guilty.

“The offense, committed by a public official, of wrongfully inflicting injury, such as bodily harm or imprisonment, upon another individual under color of office.
Oppression, which is a misdemeanor, is committed through any act of cruelty, severity, unlawful exaction, or excessive use of authority.”

Medical care; really! Unless there is a jail I haven’t heard of medical care is a joke. DR’s who provide care instructions based on what jail staff tell them and not based on medical records. MHMR staff basing their evaluation on jail staff statements and not medical records. The majority of jails refuse to administer psych meds; because they are narcotics. Inmate then goes into withdrawals, inmate then starts acting out, inmates are then physically abused for non-compliance. Jails who don’t provide non-narcotic meds prescriber by hospital when inmate is released back into their care. 5 1/2 days before MOCO even attempted to find out Rickey’s meds from hospital; somehow discharge papers and RX never made it to jail with him. Again based on officer transporting. No seizure meds, no antibiotics for aspiration pneumonia & of courses no mental health meds.

I don’t think most people even realize that jailers are not all certified peace officers, just certified as jailers. Texas Basic County Corrections (TCOLE #1007 or #1070) course in preparing for their licensing exam. I just took the practice test & got well over 1/2 right. WITH NO CLASSES TAKEN. Missed almost all questions pertaining to gangs and state code #’s. Some of legal terms and actual court cases.

Thinking we need to do another jail visit, to MOCO.

7 years ago

I give my prayers to the family. I know this woman was murdured. Using plastic bags in jail to hand people is pretty common. I pray that The Lord uncover the dna that was found on the plastic bag. The killer who did this may have used gloves, and I pray that this is done justly.