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Inmate Advocates Relieved by Ruling on Phone Charges

Jail telephone

“We’ve signed petitions and have listened to the suffering of families, including two different women who took second jobs (low paying retail in one case) to get enough to keep the calls going for seven months while their sons were in local jails,” said Diana Claitor, with the Texas Jail Project. “That’s an ongoing problem.”


Ward M. and Barned-Smith S. 10/22/2015 Feds cap rates for inmate phone callsThe Houston Chronicle.

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Dawn Runyon

I want to thank all entities that worked so hard on bringing about this monumental change for prisoners and their families. This is a huge step in bringing about the much needed changes on Federal, State, & local levels within the state of Texas. My husband and I both wish to thank everyone for all their time and efforts so that families can stay connected. Blessings to each and everyone of you.

Lydia Bishop

I am so glad to hear that there is an organization that looks out for this kind of thing. I am fairly new to the whole system as my 33 year old son, Kyle has been encarcerated the the Fabian Dominguez facility in San Antonio, Texas. Since sentenced and transfered to TDC, I have been unable to receive phone calls from him due to the stringent requirements requiring that pre-paid phones are not acceptable and that the land-line bill has to be in my name. I have had service with Cricket Wireless for several years with the same phone #… Read more »