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Voices from Solitary: Pregnant in Prison, Birth in Shackles

People in jail

In 2008, the federal Bureau of Prisons passed a policy prohibiting the use of restraints on women in custody who are in labor, delivery or postpartum recovery. In 2009, Texas passed a law banning the use of shackles on incarcerated pregnant women during labor, delivery and postpartum recovery. But, as both the ACLU of Texas and the Texas Jail Project have found, for women in the state’s prisons, mental hospitals, and county jails, the law has not always been put into practice.


Voices from Solitary 10/30/2015 Voices from Solitary: Pregnant in Prison, Birth in ShacklesSolitary Watch.

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I just finished reading Shannon Richardson’s story Voices from Solitary. I am so disgusted and sick of these so called human beings who treated Shannon like she was an animal instead of a human being. Whatever Shannon did on the outside to go to prison couldn’t have been near as bad as what these guards and marshals did to her. It reminds me of the holocaust from World War II and the marshals and guards are Hitler and Hitlers henchman.These sick evil guards and pretty much all the employees at Gregg County and Smith County jails need to be prosecuted… Read more »